Subtle #toursauce moves


Subtle indeed…


I rocked out this move on Sunday. 40ft downhill left to right. Was on the move 6ft out because I knew it was in.



Knocking the ball on the green, from either an approach shot or a Par 3, no matter how close, and immediately taking off your glove and putting it in my back pocket is my go to #toursauce move.

Works even better when none of my playing partners made their GIR.


Since I don’t wear a glove, I just grab the putter, take the cover off and carry the putter up to the green.


I saw something pretty bold on my commute home yesterday. I saw a golf glove on a driver’s hand hanging out the window.

Now, my immediate thought was that this is the same type of dude who wears his golf shoes into a bar/restaurant nowhere near a golf course after a round.

This dude was smoking a cigarette and, I assume, wanted to keep the smoke evidence off his skin to some degree. I am going to assume that he was driving in golf shoes for my purposes.


Wow. I had a buddy in college that would smoke with a winter glove - even during the summer - to reduce the smell. Yes, we made fun of him.



Another variation of this is when your ball is near the cart and you hit first. You hit a nice shot into the green, your playing partner is further from the cart, so you just grab your putter and say “You can take the cart, I’ll walk.”

Rory strut steps 150 yards to the green


Putter tucked under arm, remove golf glove and smoothly into back pocket while Rory strutting


On the 18th tee at TPC Sawgrass I witnessed Luke Donald wipe his tee off on his towel before putting it back in his pocket. That moment changed my life


I mean, his pants probably cost more than my driver so


Saw a clip of Rory warming up on the range this morning and picked up on a subtle #toursauce move.

Instead of dumping the full drawstring bag of range balls out on the ground, or even a few at a time, you leave the bag on the ground and every time you reload, you just sort of slap at the bag with your club until a new ball squirts out.


Don’t know if it’s been said before, but taking off your hat to shake everyone in the group’s hand after a round is tour sauce that’s become almost standard. Still enjoy giving everyone the firm shake and a “great playing out there today” after holing out for my 82 on the last.



I have a drawstring bag for about 2 dozen balls i take to the chipping range, The bottom of the bag is some of that waxed canvas, hitting it to spit out a new ball is half the fun of the practice


When paired with a random group, asserting your golfing dominance by pointing to an approximate line of their putt and then straddling said line unnecessarily athletically to tap in on the first hole.


Is that tour sauce or being polite?


Literally spritzing sauce.


Hate this, I have a putter, possibly a wedge in my hand. Maybe even the damn flagstick, I don’t need to feel like I have to take off my hat. So I don’t.


Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but back when Tiger wore baggy shirts, he used to tuck some of the excess fabric under the shoulder seam of his shirt sleeves right before a big swing. I was an impressionable youth at the time, and still catch myself doing it.

A couple of other ones:

  • never using a ball washer. Always clean your ball with the wet end of your towel.
  • dressing monochromatically always came across as a bit of a #toursauce move to me, but not always subtle.
    -when you take your putter cover off, you stick it over your umbrella handle.


I’m clearly saucier than I knew, I’ve done this for years. Tiger does make it look better than me though.