Subtle #toursauce moves

We’re all familiar with the overt #toursauce moves (the wayward drive point, the frustrated hand motion when a putt breaks the wrong way or doesn’t break as it should, etc, etc.) but what about subtle sauce moves that people have spotted?

My opener is the little double clubhead twirl that Phil does before every shot (especially noticeable around the green). Most highlight packages will miss it because they only show him at address but if you’re watching him for longer then you’ll notice he has the club in his right hand and he gives it two twirls as he walks in to address the ball.

The pre-shot club twirl…thus is the confidence of the man!


Not subtle but not over the top is foot raking a sand trap. It is probably my favorite go to move on the course…it’s even better when you have a caddie.


It’s well known but quite subtle…the pant leg hike just above the knee before bending down to grab your ball out of the hole. In a similar vein, after chipping in/holing out with the flag stick still in the hole you do everything in your power to grab the ball with as few fingers as possible all while making sure not to touch the flag stick.


Not sure if this falls in subtle category, But the quick tee pick up is a favorite of mine


That is a great move also.

I first noticed the pre-shot club twirl when i was a kid and starting doing it because i thought it was cool. It has become a force of habit and i can’t not do it, but i feel like a dbag every time i do.


Spieth is the king of the pre-shot club twirl. Almost to the point of it being a nervous tic.

I’ve always been partial to having the caddie hold the umbrella over the player lining up and about to strike a putt, only to move away at the last second. Love it.


Addressing the putt, but then backing away and picking something minuscule out of the line with the little side toss.


Missing a putt, then wiping the face of the putter with the thumb while staring down the cup or caddy.


If I nail a putt in the opening holes I like to throw a leg over the putter and ride it round outside of the green like a horse, using my lasso hand to point at my competitors while screaming “You’re going down, down, down, to Alphabet Street!”

It’s very subtle but I know it quietly gets under the skin of my opponents.


Using / carrying a scorecard holder in your back pocket when you’re using a golf cart


I like the pant hitch before you get it out of the hole, or the two middle finger spock ball retrieval off the chip in/hole out


Pant hike comes with free grunt

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The post tee shot club twirl to the toe tap of your back foot when you pick up the tee. Too much sauce. Or just be an overt ass like Bubba


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I feel sometimes I see players flaunting some #wet divot fixing skills. Most notable I saw once was Tom Watson just STABBING the ground and voila…fixed.

Knocking off sand from your shoes with your wedge.


plumb bobing while reading greens… cause we all know it doesn’t work worth shit…


@The_Cad_Says wouldn’t know about this, but when you drive the ball dozens of yards past your opponent and give his/her ball the “courtesy peek” and just point down to their ball and keep walking to yours.


I always outdrive my opponents, and give their ball the courtesy peek as I wander in to the hedge with a 7 iron to punch mine back out. Long, but sadly wayward. Much like my sex life.

Luckily I took some lessons from CPG and am a master at the punch out. As evidenced in a recent video I put together:


Nothing is better than subtly addressing the non-existent crowd after a made 8 footer in front of your Saturday group.