Strong Like Stella Fundraising Instructions


All topics in this category are either auctions, or raffles, where all money raised will go to support @pushdraw’s little girl Stella. More info about her battle with SMA here:

Closing times for each thread are here:


If you are the highest bidder on the auction before the thread automatically closes at the specified time, you will be the winner. If there are two bids of the same value, the first person to make that bid will be the winner. If a bid is not in a $5 increment from the previous high bid, it will be invalid, even if it is the highest bid.

The two raffles will be closed for entries the evening of 11/1, with the winners being drawn 11/2.
If there are any questions, please reach out to me!

Thank you!

What happened to the golf certificate in Arizona?
We want golf in Arizona!


Waiting for @pushdraw to pick it up and confirm whether or not he gets it, and wants to donate it here. Would probably work really well for a local fundraiser, but if he gets it in time we’ll put it up!

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I will donate a threesome -playing with me at Pasatiempo at time to be organized.


So great. I will get it listed tomorrow and send you a DM.

Wow! So generous!

SICK, Pasa might be my #1 since I’ll have the opportunity to play Bandon next year.

Thank you very much!

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Correct, I am picking it up to make sure there isn’t any fine print / expiration dates that I need to be aware of


Shouldn’t someone be keeping track of how much everyone is bidding? I literally have no idea. Ha ha.

And still waiting on Scottsdale to appear

You may be the only one

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You might be on the wrong thread @Q-school! This is just the instructions thread.

Oh I’m on the right thread. I’m bidding for Scottsdale. I’m first and I’m gonna win

Lol! It will have it’s own thread if/when it’s available…but I’ll go ahead and give you credit for the first bid when that happens!

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Okay wait I submitted 59 seconds after the timer said there was 1 minute left but didn’t get locked out of posting until like 25 seconds after that, and the winning bid was posted like 75 seconds after it said one minute left. I declare shenanigans on this timing system (not really mad about this but @alexshreff this is probably a good test run to figure out how to make sure the threads lock for everyone when they say they’re going to)

Now you know what jeopardy feels like

Rub of the green.

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I should clarify: the time on my computer said 9:59 when you posted, but the timer was consistently changing to X minutes remaining early so I timed my last bid off of what it was saying and not the system timer.

You’ve gotta be on a slow connection.

I made my bid with 6 seconds left (I had a stopwatch going on my phone), and it locked at about 3 seconds after 10.

Discord system does what it does, if anyone doesn’t want to worry about the timing system, I suggest you put in a bid high enough to guarantee there are no doubts :wink:

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It’s like the Jeopardy thread. Better be on the hard wire good connection if you wanna snipe some auctions.

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