Strong Like Stella Auction - Triumph Cordless Drill Bits and Bag

Auction item #15 - Triumph Cordless Drill Bits and Bag, donated by @ajtwenty1


  • Bag of your choice, blue or maroon (works great as a shoe bag)
  • 29 piece drill bit set, manufactured in Wisconsin
  • All drill bits are size 1/16" to 1/2", and increase by 64th’s throughout the set

Closing time: 11/3/19 at exactly 10:05 PM EST
Bids must be in $5 increments minimum

Payment due in form of donation directly to SLS GoFundMe within 48 hours of thread closing…proof of a current donation must be sent to @alexshreff.

Shipping is included in the donation, if the winner is not a Duel attendee.

$30 (adding this because the system doesn’t like me making all of these posts)

Just to be clear - drill bits and no drill here?


scummy @ajtwenty1 donating the cart before the horse!

Correct - this is for a set of drill bits donated by @ajtwenty1’s company Triumph. Retail is $100 for the set.


and just FYI - that is actually my bid, not just a starting bid. Because I want these.

Oh man I seriously just finished a bunch of projects otherwise I’d be all over this; those are great bits.



I don’t even know what this is. Thanks to @ajtwenty1 for the generous donation however



I don’t even own a drill. Ha ha.
It looks like a nice bag.

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$45 and @Q-school, if you want the bag,and if I win the auction, I will give you the bag if you make a donation of $40 to the GoFundme :wink:

I don’t need the bag. If I win you can have the bag and the bits

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If you win, I will still make my $45 donation.


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