Strong Like Stella Auction - Short Sleeve Peter Millar Rain Jacket

Auction item #5 - Peter Millar Rain Jacket, size Men’s Medium, short sleeve donated by @gatorz7888

Closing time: 11/3/19 at exactly 9:20PM EST
Bids must be in $5 increments minimum

Payment due in form of donation directly to SLS GoFundMe within 48 hours of thread closing…proof of a current donation must be sent to @alexshreff.

You may be required to cover the cost of shipping if not attending the Duel. It is at the discretion of the donating Refugee.


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Probably a dumb question because I’m on mobile and can’t see the full-size picture, but what size is it?

sorry, should’ve included that! I think I know but I will let @gatorz7888 answer that and then I will add it to the post.

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And I’ll ship it free to anyone who wins it that may not be at the event.


Long sleeve or short?

Short. I’ll try and take a couple better pictures later.

Question for @alexshreff: Are the auctions ending on Saturday11/2 or Sunday 11/3? I’d been under the impression that live bidding-wars might erupt after the Duel, but notice that most of the listings have the 3rd as closing date.

Edit. Will ship free to whomever wins.

they will all close on the evening of Sunday 11/3.

after we’re all outside in the cold all day with dead phones, I didn’t want people to be scrambling at dinner Saturday night to get on here and bid. Want everyone to enjoy hanging out and worry about bidding Sunday night after the event.


Counterpoint. Even people at the event won’t be able to take it home with them

$16. I’m not a rule follower


we will let this bid stand as it’s the first actual bid…but the next bid must be $20 or something above that in a $5 increment.


I apologize @alexshreff Someone had to be that guy.
Let’s keep bidding.

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Is this a lefty jacket?

No it’s righty. Which is why I have no use for it.

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Rug not included

I’m a large bought it thinking these rain shirts always run big. This one is true to size and will fit someone who normally wears medium tops.