Strong Like Stella Auction - Limited Edition MCC Plus4 British Open Golf Pride Grips

Auction item #3 - 13 Brand New Limited Edition MCC Plus 4 Golf Pride Grips, standard size, British Open colors - donated by @raleighdawg

Closing time: 11/3/19 at 9:10PM EST
Bids must increase by $5 minimum

Payment due in form of donation directly to SLS GoFundMe within 48 hours of thread closing…proof of a current donation must be sent to @alexshreff.




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Damn, I want these grips but I’m a mid-sized guy.

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Just put a few extra wraps of grip tape under them and you’re good to go!


I think I’ll def have to buy new irons to put these grips on.

Got my eye on these






Before we knew we were doing auction, some people sent me stuff for raffle.

This item will be shipped to the winner for free.

Let’s goooooi


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