Strong Like Stella Auction - Good Walk Coffee Co. Gift Basket

Auction item #14 - Good Walk Coffee Co. Gift Basket, donated by Chris @gwcc


  • Welly Bottle
  • T-Shirt, size XL
  • Towel
  • 2 bags of coffee
  • Tees
  • Ball markers
  • Stickers

Closing time: 11/3/19 at exactly 10:00PM EST
Bids must be in $5 increments minimum

Payment due in form of donation directly to SLS GoFundMe within 48 hours of thread closing…proof of a current donation must be sent to @alexshreff.

Shipping is included in the donation, if the winner is not a Duel attendee.




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Does the t shirt have to be xl?


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That would be a question for @gwcc to answer - he may be willing to swap them, but his call as we have this in hand in Cincinnati already.

We’ll send any size shirt we have in stock to the auction winner. If you want a different size just send us a message afterwards.

Also, we’ll match the winning donation, so keep the bids coming. :slight_smile:




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Good people here. I don’t even drink coffee but going to place an order now just because. So awesome.


neither do i, but my wife does, and i think i can make her feel better aboutmy trip with a comfy lookin shirt, some coffee, another travel cup that should bring her to 345, and a proper golf towel


I don’t drink coffee either! 105

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Will there be @gwcc coffee and/or merch available for purchase next saturday? many of us that don’t win the auction will likely want to sample your offerings.


We reserved two bags for drinking in Cincinnati. @LJP is going to do his best to have staff brew it up for us early, to enjoy during our inevitable frost delay.

No other merch to speak of, but there will be coffee!


I might actually give coffee a try then. The timing should work out great to get in that pre-round toilet trip.

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As Alex mentioned, you’ll be able to sample the coffee at the event. For the non-auction winners who still want to support, you can use discount code SLS20 for 20% off all coffee (non-subscription) and merch on the site. We’ll add any profits from these sales to our matching donation for the winning auction price.