Strokes Gained - Amateur Hour

Hey y’all, how do you keep track of your golf game? I’m not looking for something like GHIN or Grint, but rather something more like GRGS or GolfMetrics, where I can input all of my shots after the round and see SG off-the-tee, etc, etc.

On-course performance is not important here.

well, in order to see SG, you’d have to track everyone else.

You can track the more standard metrics, like Fairways hit, GIR, etc, buy you’ll never create a SG model without everyone else’s statistics. Those statistics are “to the field”

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I suppose that SG isn’t really as important as anything else, but I’m interested a little more in FIR, GIR, etc, but with a per-club basis.

By “on-course” performance I meant it doesn’t have to be a system like ARCCOS or GG.

I just recently discovered the advanced scoring feature on the GHIN website. It has the capability to track most of the stats I typically write down on a scorecard.

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come again?



this is only online/computer, I assume.

I always post from my laptop at work so I would assume so. The GIR box is a little finicky with green checks and red X’s as opposed to simple yes/no.

I was here for you so long ago @3wiggle.


Damn, it was right there in front of me. Hidden amongst people debating the merits of inversion devices to cure lower back pain…


pro - level stuff here

I’d also like to point out that our boy 3wiggle doesn’t mess around…


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Not sure if I should post this here or on the Grint thread, but you fine gentlemen are here, so firing away: I made multiple pars at Whistling Straits this past weekend from one of the many fairway bunkers. These were not considered sand saves in the Grint app. Is it true that a sand save must come from a greenside bunker?

pretty sure that “sand save” is 1. shot from bunker 2. made next putt into hole.


So looking at they define it as getting up and down from a “greenside bunker” regardless of final score on the hole.

Greenside bunker I believe is within 50 yards of the green.

That’s wild. I’m embarrassed to say that I never knew that was the definition of a “sand save.” Good find.

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as long as you don’t say “i made net birdies” you’re ok

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Once I hit scratch, I’m going to say that for every hole because I’m that kind of person.

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I’ve also been using the GHIN stats thing, but one issue is I’d like to see how my numbers look compared to golfers that are slightly better than me.