Streamsong - Somehow that place is UNDER rated


My golf group and some other buddies of mine from Charleston and Jacksonville have been planning a trip their for a couple months. So pumped.


How much of that is the spa stuff or is it all inclusive?

Definitely not a cheap experience


@Soly, @Tron, @djpie, and @RaynorMan are playing Black and Blue today. Check the NLU Instagram story. Pretty cool stuff in there.

ZB definitely getting in deep with Big Salmonella in the most recent clip.


glad he didnt touch the Armadillo, as they carry Leprosy


Just played the black last week and it was very hard in a 25 mph wind all day. Hit the shot of my life on 18th over the water to 3 feet but it was haaaaaarrrrrrrrrddddddddd…


Anyone played Streamsong in the summer? Considering going in July, but wanted to make sure the courses are kept in good shape. (yes I know it will be very hot)


I played Red/Blue in August of last year, I’ll be honest, I was pleasantly surprised with how good the condition of the courses were. Green speeds were up (10.5/11) rolled really good. Tees, fairways all really good for a FL course in the summer


I have been going to Streamsong for the past 4 summers. It is hot and humid but the course itself is still in fantastic shape. Water to drink is located scarcely on the course so I recomend bringing a canteen to store water in.


September in central Florida is steamy, not going to lie. Also peak hurricane season.


Place is great. Definitely underrated. Surprised how many mediocre reviews it gets. I played red and black and loved them both. A lot of strategy and risk reward. I imagine most people fly in and play each course once and leave. I think the more you play the courses the more you appreciate what the architects were trying to do. If you go just once get a caddy. Mine was great. Definitely a sausage fest, but I agree with above that after 36 holes you just want a beer and a steak and the game on TV. If you want more
action hit up Tampa on the way in or the way out. This is a must hit for the north east golfer jonesing for some golf and guaranteed warm weather in the winter months.


Just got back from a weekend there with my wife.

We drove in late Friday night, I played golf /she did spa Saturday morning and then we drove home Sunday afternoon.

Friday Night: Arrived around 7:30. Went straight to the roof top bar for a drink. Best view of the place. We then went to the Red/Blue course for dinner. Quick shuttle ride. This was the “upscale” restaurant on the property. Had a nice steak. Couple cocktails and normal dinner put it around $200.

Saturday: Tee time for 9am so I got to the blue course about an hour before. Got squared away in the proshop and headed to the range.
One thing I noticed on the range- the balls weren’t cleaned, there was dew on the ground and as the supplied the balls on the range, they were wet and covered in grit. It didn’t particularly bother me, but certainly not what I expected.

Played the Blue course. Little confusing on the caddie service as we had a mixed group ( a twosome, and 2 singles) I requested a caddie and to walk, but ultimately was asked to ride with a fore caddie because that was what the group was doing. No real issue for me-- part of playing as a single.

My foursome ended up being good golfers and I was worse of the group. The handful of holes I struggled with my game, I ended up picking up at double as a courtesy to the group.

Course was beautiful. Really interesting lines and views. You told tell it had a lot of play, but still in solid shape. Pace of play was pretty good- we had 4 walkers in front of us so we waited a few times, but nothing terrible. We finished our round in 4:20ish

It was hot and there were not a lot of water coolers around. We had a cooler on our cart that we kept stocked, and even then we felt there was not enough. Only Gatorade options were at the turn and then again at 13.

Saw a couple of No Laying Up hats around this weekend - shout out to you guys.

Joined my wife at the pool saturday afternoon for a bit and then we headed to the Black course “Bone Zone” for dinner. We did the putting green which was super busy around 7:30-8. Dinner was more pub style- we filled up on nachos and buffalo cauliflower bites. about $100 with drinks.

Breakfast and walked around the property. Couple hours at the pool and headed home.

We will be going back soon, maybe at the end of the summer. We’ll be recruiting friends to join us.