Streamsong - Somehow that place is UNDER rated

Why isn’t it the top winter time destination on every list? How are there so many avid golfers that haven’t heard of it. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve raved about my December 2017 trip to some good players - most of whom take golf trips regularly/annually to places like Pinehurst/Myrtle/Hilton Head only to find out they don’t know what I’m talking about. I think whoever is in charge of marketing that place is asleep at the wheel, and I guess those of us who have been there and know how awesome it is aren’t spreading enough word of mouth.

I’m sure the No Laying Up audience is familiar, and I can’t be the only one who has been there and can’t wait to get back. If I’m being honest, I guess the hotel is a little too fancy for my tastes, but there is nothing they could do in my opinion to improve anything about the golf - the practice facilities, the conditions, the par three course, and especially the courses themselves.

Does anyone want to back me up? Am I missing something? Is it really the lack of cabins/condos that’s keeping the “guys trips” away?

I really don’t work there and have no motive for starting this conversation other than my curiosity. How was there not even a thread on the “Golf Courses & Travel” section of the No Laying Up discussion board?


In Tampa with the wife next weekend and sneaking off to play the Red course that Saturday. So excited about it but I know I will also be butt hurt to be leaving without playing the others. Plan to go out next winter for a long weekend/proper streamsong experience.

Couldn’t be more excited about getting down there even with just playing one.

Also- I did not know Streamsong has a Par 3 course…

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I’m guessing the kind of guy that would want to go there already knows about it

there isn’t a lot else to do for non-avid golfers though?

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bass fishing, skeet shooting, $$$ Dinners

that sounds relaxing AF

but I can see the lack of any night life being less appealing to some

Nightlife after walking 36 shouldn’t matter all that much. There’s a bar with the game on. Don’t need much more than that after a big day grinding.


My buddies and I are looking at possibly going in September. The place looks sweet. Anybody know what kind of weather we would be looking at?

Hot. Humid. Stay hydrated.

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Don’t wear your pima cotton shirt or wool slacks.

I just went there a few weeks ago to sneak away from work and cold weather. I played the Black & the Red. I thought the black was a joke, I get the whole modern minimalism trend but the greens were anything but fun. The walk along the black is about 8 miles, so playing two rounds in the same day wasn’t my thing. I enjoyed the Corr Crenshaw Red much more, as the shaping around the holes seemed to make more sense along with more realistic green complexes. The hotel is fine if you are there just for golf as I was so no complaints there. I left the property thinking that the marketing behind the place is much better than the golf. I would go to pinehurst / hilton head every day of the week before going back to Streamsong. I don’t really have anything against it, I’m just not really into it personally.

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it’s $$$$$$ that’s why

I am playing next Thursday on the black after hearing the NLU recco


if you don’t mind me lazily asking, how much is it going to cost? Are you going to stay at the resort?

With you 100%. I know this is blasphemy, but the Red was my favorite course I played in 2017. This, in a year during which I played Pine Valley (by a hair), Ridgewood, Pinehurst (2 and 8), Essex County Club, and a handful of others. It was just very, very fun.

For value, it’s incomparable to similar experiences with golf courses at that level. You can fly into Tampa or Orlando from anywhere, you can do the 3 nights / 3 rounds package. The hotel is awesome for the price. I had excellent dining experiences - food, beverage and service all great. I can’t wait to get back there with the guys, or my wife, or a group of couples. Just want to get back.

I’m under the impression that Mosaic is doing pretty well and doesn’t need to spend the advertising dollars to keep the place full, but maybe that’s inaccurate. I know their master plan includes several more courses, and I’ve heard Cat’s name thrown around by more than one person whom I believe to know what they’re talking about. I just don’t get the impression that the place is struggling, so maybe that’s why you don’t see any advertising, but just a guess.

I’m headed down at the end of April with my brother. Any advice if we want an earlier tee time? They told me twosomes can’t go off earlier than 8am, and the earliest they had for our last day was 1130am. We’d really like to get off between 7 and 8 to be able to get on the road that afternoon since we’re driving to Charleston that day.

Did a buddies trip last summer there and played 36 per day over a long weekend. Awesome trip…most of the group said it’s the best trip we’ve done. Blue course was our favorite. The Black opened a month after we were there but it looked awesome. I highly recommend going. It’s in the middle of nowhere so be prepared to drive a while to get to anything or stay there and enjoy the free transportation around the resort.

Just priced a weekend yesterday.

Arrive on Friday, Saturday: i play 18 while my wife spends the morning at the spa, and leave Sunday. Priced at $1,023 for stay/golf/spa.

We did a guys trip there last September - had 20 guys and were able to score all the rooms above the clubhouse. If you can do it that way, it is def the way to do it. There is a game-room/mancave with TV’s and a pool table great for having a drink after the round - we actually incorporated pool into the first day totals to add a little excitement.
We were there about a month prior to the black opening so we played the Red the first day and Blue the second day. It is pretty well documented the differences between the two of those courses so I won’t go into that too much…I found the Red to be more of a players course - a little tighter (And by tighter meaning you still have 40-50 yard wide fairways) and the green complexes were a little smaller but overall visually I think it is a better layout.
Depending on the time of year that will obviously affect the pricing of any ‘Stay n Play’ package. We had a fairly large group and playing in Sept we were able to manage a great room/play rate. I had one of the single rooms above the shop (They have single and double occupancy rooms above) and it was maybe $180 for the room and $180 for 2 rounds of golf. (Factor in additional cash for caddie tips and some side-wagering and the best brisket sandwiches at the turn on Red) and it doesn’t get much better cheaper than that for that level of golf.
Overall though, this is a true golf-purist destination. The property is really unique and I loved how it was in the middle of nowhere. I am in the Palm Beach County area and it wasn’t more than a 2 1/2 hour drive. Def worth checking out for a guys getaway.

180 for golf was a florida residents rate correct?

I think so…it was also summer so that played into it @munihack