Vermont will be featured, not sure if anywhere else will be.


Can’t wait for VT. Spend a TON of time up there and have found some nice golf. Mountain courses present their own challenges but there are some other gems sprinkled around, public and private.

Wish they did it in the fall, however. Leaf peeping and lost balls well in play.


I lost 4 balls this weekend after missing the fairway by maybe 2 feet. The 3 ball challenge would come in to play quickly.


The leafy muni’s are coming…


Went back to listen to this today - is this the first mention of the phrase “hosel-adjacent”? Randy mentions it and the room breaks up.


Sooo many leaves, sooo many lost balls.


I feel like Strapped: Scotland was very much a missed opportunity.


I imagine them either packing themselves into a ship sticks box to save airline costs or taking Wow Airlines.


Icarito’s pursuit of the mega bonus might be the sports movie of 2018. Slow Friday at work and I just watched it again. Treat yourselves:

The approach into 18 is a nuclear missile. Shout out @TheMerchCzar for facing the demons


Wow I didn’t know the new episodes came out already


There was talk on the latest Trap Draw airport pod that the next strapped might see them going through the Dakota’s when they were talking about the Rapid City airport. The extra curricular activities in this area could be great. There is a School of Mines so the @TheMerchCzar can do some recon for next #Fredexcup and they can visit Mt Rushmore or even Wall Drug if they are feeling up for a drive.


There are some nice courses in the Rapid City area but they will be a little more expensive than what they found in Iowa. In the immediate Rapid City area, the two nicest courses are going to be $50+ for walking. There’s a couple I haven’t played which would be comparable to Iowa, I think.

In the area, there’s one in Hot Springs which is about $40 for walking but there’s some large gaps between holes. Spearfish to the north has a couple different courses that are nice, one is pretty expensive for this time of thing and I don’t know if they allow people to walk. Those are about it for 18-hole courses. Otherwise, it’s a bunch of 9-hole courses, with at least one in the process of expanding to the full 18.


With @Randy getting dialed in at the Callaway Performance Center, here:

AND his recent revelation on the table top setup,

How worried are @Tron and @Soly about the prospects of the Money Round getting taken down in Strapped 3.0?


Let the record show that the guy who is aiming to make the Mid Am next year is out here trying to hit flop shots with the ball off his back foot.


Phil Mickelson’s videos on this stuff is ALL ENCOMPASSING should never be challenged. Best wedge player in history.


We’re resting comfortably at night :rofl:


Pretty sure I’ve seen it, but link would be appreciated.


I saw them recently on Golf Channel, so I don’t have a link…sorry.


@GRWhitehead @Clarkebar He has a host of quality videos on his Instagram. Not just fluff videos either, amazing short game tips.


I watched the trailer for the new one this morning. Is @TheMerchCzar a drummer? I’m guessing so, based on his serious air drum performance. I’ve been playing for a long time and would be super shocked if he wasn’t. A man of many skills…