Make this happen. I have zero direct ties to Austin, but I can’t think of a better town for on course/off course equal hijinks. The mega bonus has to be in play here, because what @TheMerchCzar could do with an extra $500 in Austin would be sublime.


Great final part. Iowa was a great starting place and it was very interesting to see the vibes of the Midwest. I’d love to see y’all do like Houston/Austin at some point in the future.


Houston would equally be amazing because of the sprawl of whats available. So many different courses/styles of courses to play in the Houston area. Also you can find super cheap food from every culture you’ve ever thought of.

If Houston had more courses with a walking golf culture, it would be the greatest city in the world. As is, it is only the greatest city on this continent.


I volunteer my couch and air mattress for the Houston episode and submit anthony bourdain’s review of our lovely city as further credentials:

Also this from GQ:


Do a Denver “White Collar vs Blue Collar” segment. Soly and Tron can wear Phil-style full button downs to Cherry Hills, The Sanctuary, Castle Pines, etc. and Big Randy and Neil can hit up Wellshire, CommonGround, City Park, etc. They can have a wolf hammer showdown match at neutral site Murphy Creek. I’d fly down just to drink and watch the proceedings in real time lol.


Bourdain did such a good job portraying just a small part of the melting pot that is Houston. You could easily have 10+ episodes going to mom & pop restaurants all over.


This is a great idea anywhere. NYC, Boston, Florida, CA, Texas, Denver, Philly…any major metro area with extremes.

I LOVE the contrast.


Again, this is incredible content.

I’m curious, @djpie , do you have your own personal budget and if not, please tell me that you live the high life right in front of @Randy and @TheMerchCzar and enjoy whatever your heart desires. I would say aside from sleeping accomodations, but they seemed top notched in Iowa.


I have an open bed close to Memorial Park if an episode makes its way out to Houston. Looking forward to checking out the Links at the juice box in November. Gus Wortham also just opened back up and it is a great renovation of and affordable golf course.


I just can’t get over how compelling this is, and the music only adds to it.

Part of me wants to question being invested in a video that is watching someone try to break par on a random golf course in Iowa…but then I watch the episode again and it just hits home every time.

I don’t think there is a golfer out there who hasn’t been in that place, staring at the possibility of breaking through that personal threshold, be it par, or 80, etc. who hasn’t felt those feelings. Heck I’m going out to golf this weekend with the hope of playing well enough just to get to a point in my round, where I have to face the question of can I actually do this. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that drama so well encapsulated and portrayed. That to me is why I play golf, and its apparently why watching a random guy try to break par on a random golf course in Iowa results in some of the best TV I’ve seen in a while.

I also might need to keep this on repeat and listen to it every time I golf: All these critics, they’ll say what they say, but you’re out here, you know, you’re fighting the fight, and I don’t think that’s nothing.


Incredible #content @djpie, @Randy and @TheMerchCzar. Loved episode three and Randy’s dichotomy concerning the philosophical and literal…Icarido Forever!!


Randy’s philosophical and literal line was my favorite line of the whole thing! These guys are great, keep up the good work!

One thing: If par is irrelevant, the mega bonus should not be contingent on breaking par, am I right?


Well done NLU. The good ole USA has thousands of places to explore and most of them have golf courses that are the pride of the locals and staff who play and work to keep them open.
Take the road less traveled, adventure is just around the corner.


Par is irrelevant, unless you’re about the break it for the first time ever.


Whatever the YouTube equivalent of the Emmys is - Strapped needs to be in it.


Can anyone provide a definition for Neil’s “icharito?” Icarus?


Yeah. It’s Neil’s smaller, lesser known, version of Icarus. Melting in the heat of the moment.


I was literally yelling at my screen telling you guys to stop talking about it!! When djpie said “what are you 1 under?” My heart broke for young Neil. I knew at that moment he had been hexed. Still what a round, and to have it captured so beautifully on film.


Lots of pressure on Neil there. He picked a fine time to almost break par for the first time…with the cameras on, the pressure of the extra $500 which would give them so much freedom at the state fair, plus it looked like that course was narrow with lots of trouble. Those last 6 holes did not look easy. He knows this is going to be on youtube for all to watch and he doesn’t want to mess up. He handled it pretty well. That recovery shot from the thick junk was really good. The 3 wood at the 18th was pro quality. Probably just needed a couple more putts to fall, but overall really solid round. It was so captivating that poor Randy got dropped from coverage on that back nine.

This video, probably by accident due to Neil’s great round, was even better than good because it touched on the mental aspect of golf. Yes it had everything it was intending as well, but this added really good drama. It’s amazing what goes through your mind when you’re in the process of doing something you’ve never done before on a golf course. Well done!


Just got home from work. Haven’t watched the last episode yet BUT OF COURSE YOUTUBE IS CURRENTLY DOWN