STRAPPED Location suggestion

I’m still a fan of strapped:Orlando there are some real hidden gems in the area plus they could get a good deal on a hotel. Plus they could film it now considering they would just have to drive down. Could serve as a roadmap for refugees needed to cash in a round during a family trip to the house of the mouse.


Are all those public + cheap? My in-laws live in Whintrop, and I love driving around Maine, but my game doesn’t allow me to spend more than $40 per round.

Yes, all public and relatively cheap. Lake Kezar is the most inexpensive of the three. Walking 18 there is around $25. The front 9 there has some good land movement and is much better than the back. The other two are a little more expensive. Bridgton Highlands has dynamic pricing and early morning rounds are around $40-45 and then it gets cheaper throughout the day. I haven’t played Poland Spring in a while, but I believe it was around $45 when I did


Reading through this thread gave me an idea. Everyone would love to have the strapped boys in their hometown but that isn’t possible even unless you have some of that Peoria money to throw around for the fundraiser. So it gave me two potential ideas for a sort of fan based strapped series
1)People enter a sweepstakes to get $500 from the C-suite to film a strapped like video at the location of their choosing
2) People on their own accord film strapped like videos at a location of their choosing and the top-3 submissions or something get a video from the strapped boys commenting on their trip.


I’ve mentioned it on this thread before, but after visiting kebo valley golf course this week in bar harbor, maine. It struck me again as a great place. 2 18 hole course and one 9 holer on mount desert island.(kebo, northeast harbor, causeway club) would likely fly into Bangor, which would open the door to some other courses to pick from as well. But it’s not just for the golf, the b roll from bar harbor and Acadia national park is absolutely top notch. Bar harbor has loads of bars and nightlife as well. And it’s all within a 20 min drive or less. Get away from the Florida summer or come in the fall when the colors are world class.

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Kebo is the 8th oldest course in the country , with some major history. Many presidents vacation and play there. Shit…the c suite could come for a lobster feed as well

You guys have to do a STRAPPED: Denver. Fantastic courses all over the city and would require some strategy to make the $ work. C’mon @MerchCzar & @Randy — let’s make that happen !

I think a Strapped: Houston would be Pure
Memorial is hosting the Houston Open in November and its $28 to walk (Twilight)
Gus Wortham did a major renovation last year and is only $26 to walk at twilight a whole $30 for a morning time
the third round could be at sharpstown for the true muni experience… or they could venture out to Mont Belvieu and play Eagle Pointe for super cheap

plus the food/ entertainment would be fantastic - hit up Harwin St. for the cheapest dumplings in town, traditional El Salvadorian Pupusas, home style BBQ… hit up Washington, mid town or the Heights if the mega bonus is achieved!!

I want to just see the guys show up to the airport and ask for the next flight out. Film the episode wherever they get tickets to.


Lexington would be its own great STRAPPED location. Kearney Hills is a great muni (hosted Sr. Tour event) University Club has 2 courses plus Gibson Bay a nice muni in Richmond (just south} where Eastern KY Univ. is.
Plus great downtown & craft beer vibe downtown Lex. West Sixth Brewing! Rupp Arena actually downtown with Convention Center not on UK Campus.
Plus Kenneland (only races April & Oct) AND KY Horse Park!

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Anyone say Atlanta yet?

Cincy & Miami U boys should be familiar only 90 minutes south

They could 100% do a Strapped - Georgian Bay season. Lots of great golf in the small towns about an hour and a half northwest of Toronto.

Some Examples:

  • Pike Lake (Minto, shameless home course plug, but also has a motel on site).
  • Saugeen (Bruce County/Port Elgin)
  • Goderich Sunset (Goderich)
  • Circle Pine Golf Club (CAF Base Borden, does the big guy like military golf clubs?)
  • Black Horse Golf Club (Kincardine)

In the providence airport wearing my strapped shirt, think Rhode Island would play well. Littlest brother of New England