STRAPPED Location suggestion

Hi Guys,
I am 58 and have completely enjoyed my recent discovery of your podcasts and YouTube channel. Love your camaraderie and passion for the game, I wish to heck I had had friends like you to share the game with over the years. There could be nothing better than sharing a passion with other people who feel the same way about it. The best part, you all appear to be good-hearted, sincere gentlemen. SO good to see!
My reason for writing was this: I LOVE the Strapped series and wanted to suggest an interesting location and three terrific course (I have no affiliation other than favorite places to play again and again, and great back stories to boot)

(Near) Lancaster, PA, (the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country), and three afforable public tracks that are fantastic and/or fun and affordable. Pilgrim’s Oak, Wyncote, and Moccasin Run golf courses. All withing easy driving distance of each other. You wouldn’t be sorry!

If need be, I can answer questions or provide contacts.

Keep up the great work guys, your storytelling has been a joy to me.

David Rabian


I mean @MerchCzar in Amish country would be good #content.


I’ve already lobbied hard for a Pennsylvania Strapped.

@Randy can attest.


That photo is amazing Swade. Mr. Red legs!

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@swade if there’s a PA Strapped then I’m afraid Philly is the wrong side of the state.

Also, Happy New Year to you and your family!


Haha. We shall see… Mr. Redlegs is sympathetic to my cause.

Happy new year to you and yours as well.


I met @Randy and @Soly at Hazeltine and campaigned hard for a Strapped North Dakota. They were polite and gentlemen about my relatively unchecked fandom.

The concept for the series is almost too good. Everything is an onion to peel back those layers.


My suggestions come from the initial view of geographic diversity as compared to previous seasons, please see below for the suggestions(targets) and previous seasons (stars)

  1. Ohio - rust belt could make for some interesting locations / post round towns
  2. Michigan
  3. Mississippi / Alabama
  4. Denver
  5. Albuquerque
  6. Montana - I hope the strapped fans are big fans of public lands
  7. PAC NW


Salt Lake City…inexpensive, mountain golf, mega spiritual vibes for the Rappeo. What more could you want?


I know you have been to the northest…but I think more of a bangor/ bar harbor maine specific strapped… bar harbor is great… @djpie would have a blast with the camera in acadia national park. I hope you really look into bar harbor and other coastal maine locations…I think it could be perfect.
Also @Randy I hope you consider having your associate neil on the trapdraw for a full post analysis of upcoming strapped adventures. Cheers


Sacramento has some great golf and things for the Strapped boys to come see and experience. Some solid golf courses including the best pro shop in the country at Haggin Oaks golf course. Great downtown scene and would really test their Strapped budget which is what it’s all about! Can be their tour guide and suggest a few courses from the surrounding area easy.

Even though they already did Iowa, I think a Twin Cities strapped would be great. The boys could spend an afternoon at MOA, eat some Juicy Lucy’s, and play some of our killer tracks. Keller, Baker, and The Refuge all come to mind.


Would love to see Wisconsin included at some point. Lots of common man golf while everyone nationally talks about the heavy hitters. Green Bay would be awesome, play Brown County then go up to Door county for Peninsula and the Orchards. Since the the last tourist sauce was fantastic, could play in the Red Putter pro tournament for a shot at the red jacket!! Been awhile since I’ve played in it, but the prize was over $1k i believe…talk about a mega bonus


A Strapped Spokane would be too good… some awesome muni courses that have just been renovated and a quirky city that is the awkward cousin of Washington State would make for a great season.

Here’s a shot of my favorite of their city owned courses, Indian Canyon:



I would love to see a Phoenix Strapped in the dead of summer.

You could play almost any course out here and still be within the budget.


Completely agree. All those island courses in Maine that cost like 20 bucks would be a sick strapped series.


Dallas-Fort Worth would be excellent. My home course is $15 to walk and I payed $21 to walk a city of Fort Worth muny that just got re done 2 years ago. From April to September conditions are firm as shit & fast almost everywhere which is always fun.

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I think they have a Texas strapped coming up fairly soon


Upper Peninsula Michigan.


Tbh would not be surprised if they taped one the week of colonial.