Coming from the Tourist Sauce, Ireland thread, let’s talk about the stinger. How to hit it, if you can successfully hit it, videos of you hitting it, etc. Also, feel free to discuss and post videos of tour players and others hitting it too. It is easily the sauciest shot in golf and should be talked about.


A worm burner is just a type of stinger right? Asking for a friend.


I put the ball on my back foot. slightly closed stance. and get to my left side as fast as possible, otherwise its the ugliest snap hook that goes about 83 yards.


Following this thread.
Playing twice this weekend. New G410 crossover in the bag, plan to try lots of stingers. Expecting a smorgasbord of good and bad. Need to work it into the game before Scotland. Also will come in handy a lot of shitty windy days in Oklahoma


time to learn the driver off the deck!!

Scott Stallings did a tutorial on his Instagram and he actually puts the ball forward in his stance, where he puts a driver.

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i’ve done it that way. but if im trying to hit a really low ball off the tee specifically, i see a draw.

i’ve put it forward trying to hit a low cut

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I’ve had the most success with putting it back and teeing it up a touch higher than normal, keeping my hands as forward as possible through impact.

I’ve perfected the 4i punch out stinger after a lifetime of hitting out of trees. Ball off the back foot - hands way forward - swing through the ball (which I suppose doesn’t really mean anything but is my primary swing thought when dialing it up.

My RBZ Stage 2 Tour 3 wood is also a stinger machine with the ball in the middle of my stance - probably a result of my poor swing mechanics but I can dial it up as desired probably 75% of the time, and often even when I’m not trying to!

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For those who are interested, here is how Scott Stallings hits a stinger:


Can confirm.

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I left this thread earlier to go hit some balls, wound up over at Golf Galaxy first. And lo and behold a gently used Mizuno MP-18 Fli-Hi 3i made it’s way into my bag.



Swing slower (less spin) and through the ball. 3/4 swing with more club. Back in stance hands forward.

Wind cheater. But more a clubbed up low spin punch.

Hitting a full club stinger I can’t do for the life of me.

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How do you play your stinger? Seems some for both ways:

  • Back in your stance
  • Up in your stance

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I’ve had one of those in the bag for a while now. Probably my favorite club, and my go to for stingers.

i like the scott stallings one. i saw another example on youtube, something about the “spin axis” needing a shallow AoA and low launch to keep spin down and yadda yadda went over my head…

felt like a TXG kinda video though.

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I believe they did a stinger video. It makes sense, a spinning stinger will just die in the wind. They did a similar video on teeing a driver low, found it’s dumb as it just adds spin.

Steep = spin, low on driver face = spin

I stan TXG


It’s in Ray floyd’s book also. Just tee it high and swing easy, that takes off all the spin you need

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I need to try the Stallings approach. Have only ever tried putting it in the back of my stance.

Didn’t NLU do a stinger vid with Ollie? Tee it at driver height and just whale down on it.