STILL Predicting Barstool’s Demise - (PENN Stock to 100?)

i have been bullied. have a nice day.

I do enjoy barstool. i understand their golf content stinks, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it.




You’re not nearly a big enough golf snob to fit in here if you can enjoy Barstool’s golf content.


why not? they talk about golf in completely different tones and I barley see them at competitors. Barstool is going for the common man, and NLU is going for the more serious golf fan. Although I don’t learn anything from barstools golf content it can be nice to turn my brain off sometimes.

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Come on man, no one has bullied you, there are a couple of joking responses. I do find it ironic that you are upset about being “bullied” yet are a barstool fan. those types of jokes are what they are built on.


ok this was a joke… I understand that the responses were joking, I just didn’t feel like getting shit on all afternoon for enjoying barstool.

He went a little Justin Thomas on us…


I consume both of their content, and don’t find anything wrong with it. To each their own


Thank you BogeyBoy. Thank you.

BogeyBoy to the rescue!!!

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I don’t mind Riggs (really wish he’d tone down the “Riggsy”, “Go Riggs Go” shtick though), but Trent is the worst. PAULINAAAAAAAA



Agreed. But I struggle to say trent is the worst. He never tries to be something he isn’t which is something I have big time respect for, especially at barstool.


I really just discovered Barstool’s golf podcast a month or so ago, and I don’t think it’s the worst thing ever. NLU is leaps and bounds better, but I wouldn’t say the Barstool stuff is a waste of time or anything.


100% agree

I BARELY notice him on any of the pods, and he never seems to play the highfalutin courses where Riggs does insta-stories. I’m wondering what’s going on

Barstool has precluded itself from having any opinion whatsoever on golf.

I’ve said it elsewhere, but the entire golf content that they produce has been reactionary to NLU: Portnoy saw NLU happening, thought “WE SHOULD GET THOSE PEOPLE,” and found two goons to be his golf stooges. It was transparent from the beginning that neither knew anything about golf, and had no prior interest in it whatsoever. I’m sure Portnoy knew this too, but he also knew that most golf fans were too dumb to know the difference, and expected that Riggs and Trent would pick it up as they go along.

And guess what: he was right. Riggs has gained some undeserved credibility in the golf world. From Ashley Mayo/GD supporting the podcast, to Smylie/Player/other guests, and now the USGA, that terrible pod is getting a foothold serving up crap for content whores. NLU : Barstool :: S&B Logo Bingo : White Belts.

@Tron said it best before he decided their feud wasn’t worth it: “it’s like when Rovell tries to do Golf.”


Because their content is trash, the incessant talk of credentials is disgusting, and the USGA decided they were how they could connect with the youths.

Whichever guy it was that pulled the “I can win the US Open with unlimited tries” is a total tool.

Barstool & the Chive are on equal level when it comes to their quality of content.


I agree it’s 2 completely different types of content. FP will talk about stuff that happened over the weekend playing with their buddies, Tiger, and things like the Mad Real World house at the Open. They are never going to dive into a Ryder Cup team analysis, architecture thoughts, or whether or not Alex Noren is properly ranked in the OWGR.

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