Star Wars Thread, Other Nerd Stuff is Fine Too (NOW WITH SPOILERS!)

Ok I see your point. I just never equated the force connection to love or sexual tension but I think you’re right that’s probably what it represented. I have trouble understanding why she loves him back though. She is a total catch, super powerful, loves her friends etc. but he is just mean and angry trying to get her to turn dark. Like you killed your dad bro!

He’s the ultimate bad boy lol.



For whatever it’s worth I never got any sort romantic vibes from Rey and Ben. I always thought the force connections were more sibling like than anything. Their relationship always felt very Luke and Leia to me. The kiss was awful. Totally unnecessary.


Thank you! He wanted her because she was the only other super powerful being in the galaxy. Every time he said I offer you my hand I never got the impression he was saying “by hand I mean my lightsaber and by lightsaber I mean my…” you get the picture.

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I got a sexual tension vibe between them in TLJ so much so that I was hoping they wouldn’t end up being related because it would be creepy.

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Finally saw it today. I kinda liked it walking out, but that’s gone down and down since thinking about it more. The negative reviews definitely helped manage expectations, and it was hard to hate the cool stuff happening on screen. Thinking about it a bit more, the biggest issue, of which there were many, was not setting up a general template for the new trilogy at the outset. I thought having Palpatine be the big bad was lazy, but could have worked if there were clues at it in the previous two movies. Dropping him into the opening crawl with no explanation was awful. I don’t like Rey being Palpatine’s granddaughter, but doing that after explicitly saying she’s “the daughter of no one” is even worse. Thinking back to Luke being angry at Yoda/Obi-Wan for not telling him the truth about his father only to lie to Rey cheapens his character as well. I don’t love all the Marvel movies, but they manage to have a coherent narrative arc over multiple movies. You’d think the Star Wars folks could have walked across the Disney office to learn some of that.

In this movie specifically, having Rey kill Chewy then take it back took a very emotional moment and threw it away. The mechanics of it didn’t really make sense, and Rey dealing with that guilt having killed one of her friends while Palpatine is presenting her with a chance to save the rest of them raises the stakes a bit. Same with C3PO’s sacrifice not actually being a sacrifice. Both choices would have been risky, but they took the safe choice at every turn.

Lastly, are we sure that the Emperor is dead this time? Did the “good guys” actually learn anything by doing the same things from the previous trilogy? One thing I liked about the first two movies of this trilogy was that they showed how Leia, Han, and Luke made mistakes in the years between the trilogies. Their new government failed, the new Jedi academy ended in literal flames and death, and Han and Leia’s kid fell to the dark side and their marriage imploded. TLJ set the story up to go somewhere meaningfully different, but we kinda just rehashed ROTJ and got to the same place.


JJ got way too much credit. He made awful decisions. Game over man. Game over.

Just finished the Mandalorian last night. Really enjoyed a non-Jedi story as a change of pace - same vibe as Rogue One. Last 2 episodes were really strong.


I love the gritty simplicity of the Mandalorian. It shows just tell a really good story and don’t worry about deep diving into messy narratives and sub-narratives.

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A buddy of mine saw Kylo Ren take his shirt off in the shower and said that he had an 8 pack.


I ran into Kyle Ren in the bathroom, he said to give you this card.

Return of the Jedi

Pit of Sarlacc - you’ll slowly be digested over 1000 years. Luke is in his 20s, Solo in his 30s. They have probably 50-60 years to live, max. That’s not even 1/15 of the time required to be digested. Probably a bad sunburn, at worst.

Or the part where you die in 10 days from dehydration

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either way, the 1000 year bit is a waste.

Isn’t it about time we overthrow The Empire and impeach @tron?


I mean, his name is “Tron” :man_shrugging:.

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Darth TyRONus.

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I said this on Twitter but I’m find with Tron’s bad take on this. Star Wars came out something like 9 years before he was born. The first movie came out when I was 9. I’ve seen how revolutionary Star Wars was, and how it changed everything that came after it. How would somebody know to how to judge it, when everything you’ve ever seen makes Star Wars look like normal Sci Fi, because they were all influenced by it?

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Or even worse, you first real experience with Star Wars was Young Anakin, then Teen Anakin…