St Andrews in May

I’ll be there with the girlfriend on May 20-23 and have been lucky enough to get the green light to play all of those days. Looking to see if any refugees might be there during that time or if anyone had advice for a single. First time across the pond to play and beyond excited.

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There are literally 35+ threads with Scotland in the title. The search bar is your friend.


We really need a “if you’re new here, read this” post stickied at the top so we can cut down on all of these threads that have shown up with the influx from the nest promos




Let’s start drafting something

Thanks all, think I found an appropriate thread from earlier this year.

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If you want really bad Scotland travel advice, there’s a host of threads to choose from. At least two of them have recommendations of courses to stay in Edinburgh and play rather than taking a short train ride to play all-world golf in East Lothian.

Also beware the St Andrews threads spruiking the delights of the two St Andrews Bay courses.

Welcome! I’ll be in Scotland also from May 20-June 1. If you’re looking to get on at The Old Course (TOC), you’ll either have to camp out early (3-4 am) to try to get a single spot or you can try Ginger Beer Golf Travel BallotBuddy service for free. Chris helps singles match up so you can submit a ballot (min. of 2 players).