Spieth Thread: Vibing at Augusta

Right. He’s playing terrible right now, but it’s not like Spieth’s putter carried him to 3 major wins.

Here are his 2015 stats. This is just not true.


Wonder if not for Tiger would we think this way. Would we actually expect a career arc like Spieth’s to maintain that trajectory if Tiger didn’t change the game

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Just a thought - because of Jack’s records (and not Tiger), whenever there is a young gun coming out early and winning majors, there will be that expectation of a generational career arc.


Thinking on it further - I imagine it goes well back in time. Other sports (like Tennis) have set that bar before of outrageous domination in sport. Its always been a huge draw and attention getter.

Yeah. I think in sports, we are attracted to greatness. However it might come. There is something about early success and realization of a potentially outrageous career arc. We are doing it already with Zion in basketball. Dude has played half a season including hurt time and he is expected to be the next billion dollar athlete.

As fans, we want to see greatness. When there is a potential for greatness, we will wish it into existence until its proven to be wrong.


Did he really say that about the wedding ring? If so, WTF dude, take it off.

I played golf on my honeymoon. Hit balls on the range and walked back to the cart and handed my ring to my wife, who was riding along (we were at Kapalua). I said, “Can you wear this while I play, it’s super annoying ad going to give me a huge blister if I leave it on.” She didn’t care at all." I’ve never played a round with it on and I promise you this is the least of the things that bothers my wife about me and golf.


For real… Mine doesn’t bother me at all when I play so I leave it on. But can confirm that if it did mess with me at all, it’d be off the finger until the 19th hole.

Take it for what its worth:

Spoken to an instructor who teaches on tour says the reason why Jordan is struggling as he is trying to change the top of his golf swing. He used to have a little bow in his wrist (like DJ but not as extreme) at the top of this swing but is changing it to be more flat. He believes this is why Jordan now has a two-way miss and those struggles are creeping into his whole game.

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Underrated addendum to the post-round “putting your luxury watch back on” sauce, would be the watch & wedding ring combo sauce. Gotta remind sandsy and the broader viewing public that “yeah, I have sex.”


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Hot take. Each day since last year at Augusta, Jordan Spieth has woken up in fear of Patrick Reed. It consumes him and everything he does, including his selfish decision not to pair with him during the Ryder Cup. He either needs to win the Masters next month, or spend five straight weeks on Bob Rotella’s couch. Until then, not even Greller can pull him up by his fake cowboy bootstraps.


He did say it. I was so confused. Not sure if he’s stopped wearing it when he plays at this point, but I hope he has

i never wear my wedding ring but if i was a pro golfer i sure as sht would take it off if it bothered me.

I read this in Jim Nantz voice

Exactly. I have never even tried to play golf with my wedding ring on. Not sure why that would be a big deal to anyone.

Here is what happened to Spieth. (All graphs courtesy of datagolf - really you have to check this site out). This is his total strokes gained and as you can see he is pretty much all-world until he got engaged at the end of 2017.

Did his engagement affect his putting?

Nope - Jordan was all-world with the putter until early 2017. When he lost putter mojo, which he has not regained. I can’t explain this.

Why didn’t he tank in 2017? Here’s why - his ball striking got way better and elevated to career best which perfectly offset his deteriorating putting. Here’s his Stokes gained approach

His off-the-tee numbers are also tanking.

Oh and just to make the perfect storm, his ARG (around the greens) numbers are also tanking.

So I’ve got bad news for Jordan fans, for which I am one. He hasn’t been a good putter for two years. He hid this decline in 2017 by greatly improving his full swing. Somewhere along the line he lost the mojo on swing change and it has destroyed his game completely. Looks like May 2018 or so to me. He didn’t make it to Eastlake in 2018 and he may not make the playoffs in 2019 unless he can figure out what the hell went wrong. Could be physical or mental but I don’t see this turning around in 2019.

Might be time to try figuring out what the hell happened during the 2018 campaign that caused everything to fall apart.


As someone who views Jordan as the antithesis of Rory (yes, exaggerated), and me being a big Rory fan, I love what you did here nothing more. I don’t want Jordan near any of Rory’s records at the close of these 2 careers.


Stellar analysis and take.

Clearly you haven’t been married very long! :disappointed:


Obviously he had decent stats in 2015, where he was the dominant player by a fair distance.

However I’d argue that his 2015 play wouldn’t generate the same stats this year relative to the field.

If 2015 is the best Spieth can play, there are now a load of guys who have overtaken him. Bryson, Xander, JT, Fleetwood, Rory, DJ, Rose, Rahm, Molinari et al have all developed / improved their ‘average game’ never mind their A game and I’d argue that Spieths A game isn’t going to be better than 150 guys most weeks.

I mean look at the stats Phil is putting up in some of his good weeks. If he can develop and find speed and distance at 48, Spieth is effectively going backwards if he could even get back to 2015 Spieth.

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