Spieth Thread: Haters and Losers Continue to Show a Complete Lack of Vibes

  • Never – I’ll never give up on him
  • I don’t know – I’m not fundamentally opposed to giving up on him, but I need more data to decide
  • Possibly – I’m very close to giving up, but not until I see what transpires at Augusta
  • I gave up – I’m off the Spieth train
  • I gave up before you (hipster) – I gave up on him many moons ago, long before this was even a current thing

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I think @Soly mentioned this on a recent pod, but what if the best part of his career has already happened? Will we perceive him as a success because of the blistering start, or a disappointment because he didn’t live up to his potential? Apologies to anyone who’s made this point previously and I’ve forgotten, but this may be the proper description for his career right now:



Nu David Duval?


I demand apologies.

Also, there is this:

And this:

Yet somehow this:

Speith is overrated and I’ll take that off the air.


He’s 25 and has already won 3 majors. Not realistic to expect him to ever win 2 majors in the same year and sure maybe last year and this year are disasters, but giving up on him in the long run is foolish.


When’s the wedding date? How much longer can we blame his engagement on poor play?

He’s been married since November, I believe.

Confirmed. Know someone who was at the wedding actually.

I’ll never fully give up on Spieth until he looses his card. That being said, I’ve got zero confidence in him.


He’s close. Just needs to groove the chicken wing move a little better.


Head case right now. Saying he’s uncomfortable standing over the ball is one of the most relatable yet disturbing things I’ve heard a tour pro say. I think he’ll always compete at courses that suit him (Augusta) and have a lengthy career.

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Everyone acts like he’s this flash in a pan player like Smylie. He played extremely well for several years, had a bad 2018 season, and started off 2019 poorly. The previous year he won a major, two tournaments, and had 5 other top 3 finishes. The dude is 25 and we are acting like he’s destined to be Matt Kuchar for the rest of his career.


Overrated in a higher level sense? Maybe.

Overrated simply because his Masters odds are better than his recent form? I’m not so sure. Look at his last 4 majors:
3 (at Augusta)

Not saying he deserves to be a favorite going in, but I also don’t think deeming him overrated simply because of his Vegas odds at the Masters is fair either.

  • He’s world number 25
  • He’s 25 years old
  • He’s won 3 majors already
  • His best 3 finishes in the last year are all at majors and are all top 12’s

I think you’d be dumb to immediately count him out at the Masters, and if you told me he was in your top 3 picks to win because you pointed out all of the reasons I just mentioned above I think anyone would look pretty silly trying to argue with you.


When you see Spieth’s attributes, it is actually incredible that he has 3 majors, a load of wins and other top finishes.

As time moves on, more and more players overtake him in distance and ball striking.

Spieth has been successful due to his long putting and his recovery shots around the greens. His short putting is in the pack and over the past 18 months or so his overall putting has deteriorated to well below even average.

Clearly he can recover, but I’d be amazed if he recovered to become a dominant player or even a regular top 10 world ranked player.


2022 Web Tour Finals

Spieth lines up a 12 footer to get his card on the number…as reigning Masters champion and good friend Smylie Kauffman cheers him on.


We all know he has some mental issues with the game: that was made clear to us at the Masters a few years ago. It’s clear in the way he walks and talks to himself. Agreed that hearing him say he’s uncomfortable over the ball was super disturbing. Not sure if any of you caught when he was talking about how he’s uncomfortable putting with the wedding ring on. Weird. Would love it if he got it going again.

In 2017 he was 1st SG Approach. Spieth is a great long putter but hes also a great ball striker.


Almost a spit take, would have fried my laptop lol. That being said I’d take Kuchar’s Career earnings.

Currently -4 today :eyes:

I mean, he was an exceptional iron player. Far from elite this year sitting at 116th:

That’s golf!

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