Southern Shootout REDUX ? open for comment

“+ the neighbors.”


That’s not an inspiring list of courses, IMHO.

And @gatorz7888… I’ve got one on Allatoona. When I’m having a crap round of golf, sometimes I wonder why I’m not out there instead.


Fer sher GA is about so much more than good golf.

Most courses are trash.

Let’s add your house and fairways of canton to the rota.

Ashton and Cherokee Run are two of the best public courses around the city. Hard Labor is a fun strapped parks course…would be a sick wolf hammer course being so short and kinda funky.

I’m in for whatever!

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Whoa. I realize what I posted came across as insulting to your offer. All my bad, man. Totally not intended.

I’ve had a gathering of 14 people at my house from another Internet messageboard once. Not planning to do that again. :laughing: You’re making a great offer.

In my area I’d skip Fairways of Canton. Maybe BridgeMill, Woodmont, and either Eagle Watch (I have friends there) or a trip up to Old Toccoa. Maybe Echelon, it’s really nice.

Again, sincere apologies.

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There used to be course in Conyers I’d play occasionally called Southerness. Anybody remember it? They closed it and built housing I think.

I also used to go over there years ago for a slumpbuster of a course called The Oaks. Fun to play, easy to score. This would have been back in the 90’s.

The Oaks! They’ve had that place in amazing condition recently…really fast and true greens. Great value and a questionable Bobby Jones connection lol


No worries at all I think we can both agree that globally, GA golf is OK at best outside of ANGC and Ohoopee.

So best we are going for in december is dormant Bermuda, cheap accommodations. , Lows of 35 and a local major airport. Basically playable winter golf that doesn’t suck with people we don’t hate.

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Old Toccoa would be soooooooo good.

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Don’t tease me

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This is @mearley44 shorts weather.

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December at Cherokee Run with some aforementioned folks wearing shorts (i think).


If I could play 1 GA course forever it would be Cherokee.

It’s not amazing “GCA”

But it’s hard enough I’m obsessed with it.

If you post a good number at Cherokee you’ve done well.

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Peachtree would like a word. Along with a few others.

I just love the unending optimism of 15-20 guys staying in a house this year. I super hope that is possible.


I mean City club rental is always in play. But I know that’s not the best course (we did have an ace).

If we want 15-20 refugees in one place we can absolutely accommodate on lake Jackson. And make up the rota as we go.

Ashton hills is low key pretty good.


Just played there and everyone in the group had the same thought - that course is going to be dyno-mite in the fall

I got married at an AirBnB about 30 minutes from there. Place is on 30 acres, main house, 15 cabins, hot tub, the werkkzzz. We had 50 people stay on site, without people sharing beds it’s probably closer to 30. Could make for an nice weekend of golf and dude soup

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This sounds like heaven

I’m about to rent city club for a day again

  • Dec 19
  • Dec 12
  • I’m lame and won’t come

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Avon re up made me realize it’s not about the architectural technicality of the course.

This is affordable. Passable. Local. Convenient. Playable in December.