Solo trip recommendations - March


Have the second to last werk of March off and trying to figure out a solo trip. Don’t mind driving around. Would like to play 36 a day for 3-4 days. Any recommendations? Was thinking Pinehurst area but wanted some second opinions.

Going to Scotland in August so probably trying to stay stateside, although would consider Ireland…imagine it’s very wet that time of year though.


Pinehurst would be great because you have so many great options in such a small area.


Where are you coming from?


March is not known as a particularly rainy month in Ireland. December and January are wettest, April is driest, but it pretty much rains every fucking day, it’s just a matter of how much.


Would be coming from NY


The courses you want to play in Ireland are all links so even if it rains it’s part of the charm. The courses are barely affected. Plus most of the gorse is out in March.

I’d go Northern Ireland though. Royal County Down and Ardglass is doable in a day with an early start for daylight. Then he’d to the north coast for Portrush (Dunluce & Valley). Then Portstewart and Castlerock. If you go 3 days nip over the border to Ballyliffin or Rosapenna.


I would try and see if you can get a flight…you can really score some cheap flights (sometimes under $200 RT) if you travel during the week and have flexibility as to your destination. Here is what I found in less than 10 minutes for around the time you travel.


You could do a few places. Phoenix/Scottsdale, RTJ Trail, Monterey Peninsula would all be good. Pinehurst is a good bet though of course.


I did a solo trip in the middle of February a few years back to Orlando. Found a decent hotel right near Grand Cypress for dirt cheap, was able to play 36 there one day and 36 out at Orange County National on another day. It’s not the best in terms of stimulating architecture, but at the time it was pretty convenient and didn’t break the bank. Now, you could probably day-trip down to Streamsong as well from Orlando and squeeze in 36 there as well.

Just a little warning about PHX/Scottsdale as well as Florida in general in March, prices may be a little higher all the way around as compared to February because spring training for baseball will be going on in those places.

Having grown up in South Carolina, you will likely get some decent weather in either of the Carolinas in March, especially if you’re going later in the month. You could easily do 36 for 3-4 days in a row in the Pinehurst area and not play any of the courses at the Pinehurst resort, there are that many courses in a small area down there. If you do go there, make sure you play Dormie Club while it’s still public, it will be going private soon.


Florida is a terrible option in March. Prices will be high, weather will suck (it always rains for like a full week straight in March), and the golf is overrated.

OP can you make it out to Bandon? Prices are a bit cheaper in March than they would be in the summer and it would be easier to get on as a single. I’ve heard that the tee times are like 85% booked up to a year out so I think a solo trip to Bandon makes total sense.

I did a solo golf trip to Palm Springs a few summers ago and it was awesome, granted prices would probably be high in March.