Solheim Cup

“Danielle Kang doesn’t fucking miss inside 15 feet.”

Might not be the exact quote from her interview on the pod, but it was something along those lines. Was a fan of hers before that and liked her even more after hearing that she told Salas that before draining a match-clinching putt at the last Solheim Cup.

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Noticed this on her instagram video last night. Check out the wear pattern on her putter. Insane!

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One more rookie added to the USA roster.

I like the influx of youth. It should be really fun (and interesting) to watch. Does anyone have any opinion on the US keeping basically the same captains since '15? I would have liked to have seen Lincicome and Wie get a chance to asst. captain since they didn’t make the roster, but it’s hard to argue against Nancy Lopez.

I thought I followed LPGA a little, but I have to admit I’m not very familiar with almost half the American team (Khang, Alex, Altomare, Park, McDonald).

Not surprising really, after the automatic qualifiers, the highest rated players in the Rolex rankings for this year from the US were all in the 40’s and 50’s.

Is @Tron a European fan for the Solheim Cup?

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Solheim cup > presidents cup and it’s not even close.

Not trying to be woke here, and honestly I only know half of the players this year, I’ve just always thought Solheim cup was a good watch - they get SO into it and it’s cool to see women play in front of big crowds. On the other hand - Presidents cup = snooze fest.


What’s the outcome?

  • USA Comfortable Win
  • USA Narrow Win
  • Tie - USA Retain
  • Europe Narrow Win
  • Europe Comfortable Win

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The Solheim at Crooked Stick was so hot that Sunday. I got completely fried. Peeled for days.

“You’re trying to take souls, you know,” Kang said with a smile. “You’re going there to make people cry at this point, just crush the other team. That’s the fun of it. We don’t ever get to do that. We’re always alone. We’re always by ourselves, playing for us and our caddie and our own little team”

From her podcast


She might be my favorite golfer, man or woman.


I am glad Angel Yin finally got her clubs today. Aer Lingus really dropped the ball on that one.

As much as the US team has the higher average ranking, the Euros seem a bit more suited for the match play. I don’t trust the putters of Lexi, Nelly, Lizette, or Jessica under pressure. Bronte Law is a gamer as is Carlota Ciganda. Charley Hull’s record (7-3-1) is insane.

No doubt. I think I hung out by that shaded area by 10 green and 17 tee all day Sunday. I forgot how hot it got those afternoons. :fire:

Here in Hawaii I can start watching at 9 p.m. Thursday night. Love these UK events. Might have to join the Bixby Coffee Club tho.

I think it’s all about Juli. She came in after the 2013 debacle in Colorado where the US team basically spent more time on face tatoos and hair ribbons than golf and got smoked. Maybe she keeps the assistant captains just to keep the juju going. Not being on the team it’s hard to say how much of an effect they have on the matches. My instinct is that they earn their stripes before with all the logistics, prep, etc. Maybe the four of them just have a good thing going so why change it up?

Let’s just say this year they will have their work cut out for them. I’m from the US but have always been a fan of the Euros in team play, Solheim or Ryder Cup. They just seem to be able to play golf and not get all involved in the ego aspect. I think that’s why Juli has been so successful…she got the team back to just competing.

Completely agree. I think it comes down to the level that the players care… There seems to be a lot of passion at the Solheim Cup. The U.S. vs. The “world except for Europe” just isn’t compelling or competitive. At least it hasn’t been.

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@BrendanPorath brought this up on the shotgun start, but Juli Inkster might be the grittiest team captain of all time. Lunch pails, hard hats and now reflective work vests??? Put this shit in my veins. A multi-year veteran of Team USA is damn near OSHA compliant with this themed PPE and I love it.

How has Grainger not become a title sponsor on the LPGA tour yet? Someone call Mike Whan and get this synergy going.

Steel toed golf shoes anyone? I mean it’s sitting right there in front of us.

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Juli is a great captain. Although may be taking the work meme past it’s novelty at this point. But on the other hand, it’s 1000% better than the American flag face tattoos.

On another topic, it’s beyond me why they would play this tournament in Scotland, or anywhere in the UK for that matter, on an “American-style” Jack Nicklaus course. Don’t we (and they) get enough of that 50 weeks a year over here?

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I’m pulling for the Euros this time around. Just as I have in every Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup since 1985.