Solheim Cup

Bothered? Not Bothered?

Players to root for? Players to root against?

Good golf course? Bad golf course?


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One of my favorite events; I always love the team stuff and the ladies seem to elevate their games for this event. The crowds in Dez Moines last time were electric. Gleneagles is not great, but regardless, it should provide a fine enough venue.

The American team is incredibly young, with 5 rookies and 3 others making only their second appearances, compared to Europe with only 3 rookies and almost all others on their third+ team. Will be interesting to see how the American rookies handle the pressure, overseas, with several of them being thrown in the deep end in probably the very first session. Inkster seems to have a way with instilling confidence, and the team will lean on her and the vets like Pressel, Lewis, and Thompson to keep them calm.

On the European side, Anne Van Dam is the player I’m most excited about. Her swing is art. Ciganda, Boutier, Munoz, Law, and Hull are all in good form, while Pettersen (171 in race to CME Globe), Hall (69), and Nordqvist (53) have been surprisingly quiet for the most part this year.

I would favor the Americans to defend, but probably only slightly, and things could start moving very quickly in the wrong direction if the rookie nerves lead to the Euros getting up in the first session or two.

I’ll be getting up early to watch.


Is this broadcast somewhere? I assumed it wasn’t on TV but I guess it would make sense if Golf Channel picked it up. Will have to search for the broadcast schedule/details.

On GC starting at 0300 eastern Fri/Sat, 0630 on Sunday.

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Thanks! 3:00am schedule = cleared


GC did a really stellar job with production last time. Made the event feel as though it had all the gravitas of a Ryder Cup, IMO. Was one of the reasons I started really watching more LPGA golf in the last couple of years, as the quality of play and passion was simply outstanding.

I was pretty impressed with the World Long Drive coverage they did last week (laughing at myself as I type that). I feel like it’s always a blast to watch the Korda sisters together in any event they’re both in, so that will be worth the price of admission, aka a 4am wake up call, in itself.

Stuff definitely worth watching, sorta ranked:

  1. Korda Sisters
  2. Angel Yin hitting bombs
  3. Danielle Kang doing anything
    1a. Anne Van Dam also hitting bombs
  4. Mel Reid getting super hype, though it will unfortunately be from the sidelines this year as she is an asst captain
  5. Pettersen’s icy stare
  6. Nordqvist’s icier stare

Unfortunately they’re using the worst course on the property. It’s just a horrible long slog. Kings Course would be much better.

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By no means an original take, but how much longer does this event stay in its current format. 11 of the top 15 arent even eligible to play.

The Kang/Salas pairing will be a blast to watch.


Gonna say, “forever.” When the event was founded in 1990, no one anticipated the global rise of so many of the top players, mostly from Asia. The LPGA has tried to address this with the UL International Crown, getting a team event where every major golfing nation is represented. But the Solheim Cup will remain the LPGA’s answer to the Ryder Cup for as long as it is played, if I had to guess.

Danielle Kang should be America’s Sweetheart, so I’ll root for anything she does.


Any scope for an Asia vs ROW type setup you think?

Happy to be able to wake up early for the golf on Friday and get the full coffee golf experience. #Funemployment has its perks. I bumped into Norquist’s dad while in Scotland at Cruden Bay a couple weeks ago, and learned that he was doing a nice golf tour leading up to the matches. Most clubs in Scotland had signs posted and were organizing buses to take members to Gleneagles. It sounded like there was a lot of interest so I’d expect the atmosphere to be really good. Hoping for another Beth Ann Nichols Trap Draw previewing the event. Any info on that front @Randy?

Its the optimal match, but USA ego would never let themselves be lumped in with rest of world.

Could a team of ladies just name Jeongeun Lee beat the American and Europe Teams?


This will feature more televised Anne van Dam-swing than any other event, so yes, I’ll watch.

I honestly don’t think Team Europe is the underdog. These are different conditions than the LPGA, and a large part of the US team seems 5o have trouble adapting to golf outside of their home country.

I’m a bit torn on the weekend; will I go out to the KLM Open to see of I can spot a Justine Reed in the wild, of do I watch the Solheim…

The 2005 Solheim Cup at Crooked Stick is still one of the best golf events I’ve attended. That being said, recent history of 6.5 hour fourballs and “nails” were cringe-worthy. The non-concession to Allison Lee in 2015 and Des Moines in 2017 helped boost the event a bit.

I’m looking forward to a Korda/Korda pairing, Yin and van Dam mashing the ball, Morgan Pressel’s return to form, and if the Hall/Hull euro pairing can help lift the team. The course; meh.

I’ll for sure be attending in 2021 at Inverness, without question. It’s like a Ryder Cup, except you can get up close and the crowds are reasonable.

Not a preview but a recap would be cool…

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