Snell vs Vice

I’ve been using the Snell MTB Black for a few months and I think this might be a winner in terms of performance and price. It goes just as far as a Titleist ProV1 or Callaway Chrome Soft, feels great off the club, super durable, and costs a lot less than the brand names. Plus you can buy one dozen at a time so the commitment is not huge.

However, I have not tried the Vice balls yet since you need to buy a few dozen to make the cost worth it. Wondering if anyone has tried the Vice balls and liked them enough to buy the several dozen you need to make the cost worth it? Anyone compared Vice to Snell?


Love that when someone finds your ball in the rough…”are you playing a…snell???”

I’m a fan


Few thoughts.

  1. Vice will give you a sample pack of all their balls (two of each model) for about $18.
  2. The Snell was solid to me, but I didn’t think it went as far as the Pro V1x. Seemed worse on mishits.
  3. The Vice (Pro Plus I believe) was solid with the driver, but really seemed to jump on the irons. Seemed like substantially less spin than the Pro V1x though.

I started using Vice balls this year and don’t think I will ever turn back. I started out with the Drives which I don’t think are actually great if you generate any kind of club head speed - but if you’re a hacker it’s a great way to get cheap balls that you won’t feel bad using. I have played the Vice Tour, Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus and liked them all. TBH I couldn’t tell much difference between the Pro and Pro Plus.

Aside from performance, their graphics for personalization are excellent and the ball looks very clean with a font that gives me confidence (don’t know why that is a thing but it does make a difference for my mental game).

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The spin thing concerns me a bit. I want something that is going to grip a little around the greens and on wedge shots from 50-100 yds. Snell spins ok but doesn’t spin as much as a chrome soft but I would say spins and more than a Prov1x. Good point about that starter pack I’ll have to try that.

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Buy Srixon Z Stars for $30 a dozen, problem solved.


I played the vice tour and pro almost exclusively through the end of summer and fall this year, but to be honest I felt like they became worse and worse each batch I got. The feel was just not there. I switched to chromesoft around Christmas, and I don’t think I will go back. Now I am not the worlds greatest golfer, and yes the chromesoft is more of a tour ball, but I still feel the vice were coming up short. Granted the price is great.

Reviving this thread, we’re much further along into the ball disruption experiment and I’m still paying full price for pro-v X like an ass hat. I’m ready to give one of them a try but I can’t seem to find a hard and fast consensus on which is the better made ball.

I’m leaning towards snell because they seem a little less gimmicky but I’m honestly not even sure why I feel that way.

Snell imo is a better quality ball.

Its durability is the only thing I notice compared to a pro v

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Had real durability issues with the Vice when I used to play them. Like 1 or 2 full wedge hits to rip a cover.

Had zero issues with my MTB-X balls. Love em.

EDIT: and gimmick is the right word. They seem to care more about what their brand looks like than how the ball plays. At least that is my impression. Snell is all business lol.


the vice balls are just another DTC chinese ball with very few quality controls in place. They are inconsistent. The marketing part is probably the only thing driving them at this point.


Yeah, I think that’s what is off-putting about them is that they seem really focused on their image rather than the balls.

Would you say that Snell has better quality controls in place?

personal experience yes - they all play the same.

vice balls and a few others seem to even be different ball to ball. Like 10 yards difference ball to ball.

Other research sites have found balls to be inconsistent like that in that manufacturing, its explains it.

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I agree, Vice seem to be inconsistent and low quality compared to Snell balls. Snell rivals a Pro V1 in quality while Vice is more of a 2nd gen K Sig.

Vice scuffs way too easily and gets beat-up looking too fast just from normal play. Greenside spin didn’t seem that great to me compared to ProV1 or Snell. I’m all-in on Snell MTB and don’t plan on going back to ProV1, which is what I used to play. I think Snell MTB-Black is a little better off the tee for me than ProV1 especially on mishits and the greenside spin is at least equal or better.

I forgot where I read/saw it (TXG, MGS, ?), but one of those review outlets cut open the Vice Pro (I think it was that model) and found it was literally the exact same ball as 3-4 DTC brands, just masked with Vice labelling.

Also, I’m not sure how much stock I put in this, but the Snell MTB-X has crushed the MGS ball tests the last couple years. I think it has been the longest ball in the test two consecutive years?

I’ve played the Vice Pro Plus and the Snell MTB Black and X extensively.

Snell is clearly the better ball in my opinion.

The Vice is a fine ball but the Snell is way more spinny around the greens.


This ball is unbeatable off the tee with a driver, so long and straight. I find it leaves a lot to be desired with wedges and around the green though. It’s also crazy durable, you can play the whole round and not leave any scuffs on it.


I disagree. I recently played a place with real slick greens using the MTB-x and loved it around the greens, especially on partial swings.
I second that it’s durable and long, only grabbed a new ball after sacrificing a ball to Poseidon. It feels like you’re launching it out of a cannon when hit pure

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