Snap Hook


As I go to longer clubs (3 iron and up), my miss becomes a snap hook. I feel like this an address issue and I’m standing too far away from the ball?

Anyone have any tips, or what the cause could be?


I share this miss with similar clubs as well. I’m no club pro guy but I believe its a combination of having the ball up in your stance and casting the club.

What has been working for me after a snap hook is focusing on dropping my back shoulder to start the downswing. This is one of those tips I’ve picked up that is overly simple and actually helps multiple things in the swing. It keeps my hands inside the ball through impact and eliminates the casting or wrapping the club around your body.

It definitely works for me and I can clearly feel it when I forget to drop my back shoulder. Let me know if this works for you I’d love to see if there’s actually any merit to this.


There are many things that could cause this as I have been guilty of at least five of them. If you have a GolfTec nearby, I would call and see if they have a free 30-minute evaluation offer. (They used to do those in the past.)

Anyway, if that is not doable, you can always have a buddy/girlfriend/wife/escort film your swing on your cell phone. Then research “common reasons to snap hook” on YouTube and see what a few pros say. Compare your recorded swing to their instruction. Boom.


Interesting, thanks Glutes! I will definitely try this out when shagging a bucket today. My ball flight has finally started moving right to left this year, verse a slice miss. I feel like this shows progression towards a better golf swing (or that’s what I tell myself).

In the words of Hank Haney, “You can go from hitting a hook to playing good golf, but if you don’t learn how to stop hitting shots with an open club face, you won’t get very far.”


I just bought an iPhone tripod from amazon for like $10. Gonna get in the film room soon, hoping this helps as what you feel and what you’re actually doing can be completely different.


Definitely a double edged sword. For sure trending in the right direction getting the ball to go right to left, but there is something about those snap hooks that get me a little more pissed off than a slice. I always feel like its the Golf Gods keeping you in check during a round “Oh you thought golf would be fun after you learn how to not slice? Try to par this hole after a 90 yard duck hook OB off the tee.” They always seem to occur just when you are starting to piece a round together too.


100% agree, snap hooks look disgusting and leave you with a tough 2nd shot…always comes in the timeliest of fashions.


I definitely believe as far as your swing goes it means you are getting better. Good luck and I’d love to hear your feedback when you figure out what works for you. Maybe I’ll be able to implement it as well.


Dude, go see a pro for a lesson. That’s what they’re for. They’ll take a look at 3 swings and tell you exactly what you’re doing. Then help you fix it. Forget asking us bunch of eejits or looking at YouTube. Sure fire way to disappear up your own arse.

That being said, most people try to hit the shit out of their long irons because you want to hit it a long way and in doing so overly twist your left hand as you pull / force it through. It’s what I do, which is why I know. Closes the face and causes an ugly hook. Try hitting the shots way softer to see what happens. But don’t take my word for it. See a pro.


I could never hit my longer irons pure for this reason. Eventually my dad (who knows nothing about the golf swing) just told me to slow down and relax. Let the club do the work. Amazing how just that simple swing thought helped make more consistent contact. But I would concur, see a pro. They would probably give a more concrete explanation and solution to your problem.


I think there is some truth in this. Long iron swings tend to get handsy. I try to swing very smooth but turn my tailbone hard through release. Has really helped.