Snack Wars!

Rules: describe you’re favorite snack foods using obnoxious chef terms.

During quarantine I have discovered the delicate interplay between Flamin Hot Cheetos and classic Puffed Cheetos. The crunch and puff and the spicy and mild combination are superb. Thomas Keller would be proud. Perhaps he will add it as the amuse bouche at French Laundry when it reopens for business.


brb changing my shopping list up so I can contribute here tomorrow

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When I worked a concession stand (undisclosed location), top seller was Flaming Hot Cheetos with Nacho Cheese in the bag.

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I’m quite tipsy right now, but some mango, Avondale brewing company’s Mosey lager and a packed lip is my midnight snack.


Is this the stoner thread? Cheetos flavors mixed up in a bowl and called a snack is some uh the highest shit I’ve ever seen.

My buddy in college heated up some velveeta in a bowl and ate it with a spoon. Giggling the whole time.

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I didnt even think about that! I’m a totally sober dad of two trying to make it through the hours from 8-10pm. Ok totally sober is an exaggeration as the drink or two is also usually accompanying the snacks.


Skippy Natural Creamy + spoon.

A journey through each of your five senses as the brown plastic lid hits your imported granite countertop and the roasted fumes waft into your olfactory gland. The satisfaction of the sturdy, yet giving texture of the PB followed by the palate coating, gooey texture that begs the question “should I wash it down with a glass of milk or maybe just with more peanut butter?”


Woah throw back! I appreciate you giving an attempt to resurrect my dud of a thread! Let’s keep it going.

Ps. Excellent job at following the directions, I really felt that culinary experience along with you. Perhaps on you’re next dip into the gooey world of skippy you add some Swiss imported drops of heavenly chocolate to the mix.

Yes I know it’s been nearly 5 months but this post hit me right in the mirror.


Rare is the day when I’m caught up on the pages I follow. So when something like this pops up, I can’t say no.

Also might explain some of my other eating habits.

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