Smylie Kaufman card?


He turned pro after finishing college in ‘14, got his Web Card and began playing in earnest in 2015. So he’s been at it 3.5yrs and is averaging $1m+ a year. Plus what Polo, Natty Light, Srixon etc are giving him.

He’s always missed a lot of cuts for a successful player — granted not as many as he’s missed this year but I just think a lot of people on this site are getting carried away.


I’m not familiar with how the sponsorship dollars are structured but can’t imagine it’s a heck of a lot for a fringe guy. I don’t think we are getting carried away, he has broken par once since the career builder. Something has gone very wrong


There are so many Smylie jokes to be made here.


Its kinda looking like he’s hanging it up this season and possibly seeking a medical exemption for next year.


Yeah, I would’ve thought he might try to play some of the weaker field events of the past couple weeks . I still he had to have been hurt for as poorly as he was playing.


Smylie’s shutting it down for the year and applying for a medical extension due to wrist/elbow inflammation. Incredibly candid about his struggles in this article, and fair play to Brian Wacker for not sugar coating, but also not roasting the kid either. I hope he gets healthy and finds his game. He will only have 5 starts next season to earn enough points to keep his card.


Very interesting. One thing I’ve never understood, for a guy like him or others who lose their tour card, do they automatically get status on the Web or would they have to go back to Q school?


126 to 150 on the fedex cup standings get full web status. 150 to 200 get conditional web status. Both get a chance to play in web finals where 1 to 25 get tour cards and 26 to 50 get web cards. He’s currently 196 in the fedex cup standings


And I think he can play in the web finals even outside of the top 200 with a medical extension. Not 100% on that though.


I can’t believe he dragged this poor play on for so long before calling it quits for the year. Hope he gets better physically, and mentally. The mental part will be tough because he’s done some damage to his psyche by playing badly for so long. He’s lost a lot of confidence. Hopefully he can get that back.


Don’t know whether he is faking or not but this was the only move for him. Apply for medical and try to save things that way.


Looks like our guy just got a new sponsorship.


Its more mature than Natty Light I guess.

That said, I would have assumed with his decline in play and bank balance, Pinnacle vodka (and golf balls) would be a better fit.


I can’t begrudge the guy for making a buck. It seems like easy money, take a few pictures, post every once and a while about GG on twitter or IG and watch the cash roll in.


in spite of his playing woes, he’s still a marketable guy


I can just picture the ad now…

“Are you feeling sad? Another missed cut? Can’t keep it in play? When my game gets off track, I drink Grey Goose, and you should too!”