Smylie Kaufman card?


It’s gotten so bad he needs to consider altering his pre-round warmup routine. Do you keep hitting balls on the range trying to find something off the tee, or do you grab a jumbo bucket and head to the woods and work on your punch out game?


he should just get hammered and then go out and play. sometimes helps me


Rounds #liveunderpar in 2018:

Smylie Kaufman (15 events): 4
Mike Weir (4 events): 4
Robert Allenby (3 events) 4
John Daly (3 events): 4


DFL by 7 strokes…


Battle at Bighorn, but Smylie Kaufman vs. Julio “El Maquina” Bell


Well another week another DFL.


Im dead ass serious when I say this, I don’t think Smylie would even come close to winning a club championship of any top tier private club these days.


Top 200 and qualifying for the Web Finals and status is what you are shooting for right now.


He has to be injured right?


I feel bad for the guy and take no joy from his struggles, but at the same time, it’s become a car crash that you can’t stop staring at.


He just withdrew from the tournament. May have finally reached the breaking point.


“elbow injury”



You have to give him credit for sticking it out to the second round every other time, even when there was no hope


If he’s really injured, then it’s the right thing to do and would explain a lot of his high scores. But at the same time, if he’s been playing through this while injured why would he have put himself through all the MCs?

Whether it’s injury or mental, or a combination of both, he’ll get through it eventually. The kid is young and can obviously play good golf.


So what is the average entrance fee for these events? I can’t imagine that he has major sponsorship money, so when you go that many events without sniffing prize money, that has to hurt the bank account at some point?


What are the rules regarding taking a medical? That might be another option to bank some starts since he’s definitely not keeping his card without a drastic change in the next few months.


There isn’t an entry fee per se. His costs are travel related which I imagine he is covering with sponsorship $. He’s made north of $200k this season. I doubt he’s putting an additions on his house or making any big purchases right now though


Let’s not get carried away here.

Smylie turned pro in 2014. Since then, he’s earned more than $3.5m in prizemoney. Plus whatever his endorsements pay.

So he’s hardly hitchhiking to tournaments or registering for food stamps.


Cut half of that out for taxes, take 7 or 8 percent to the caddy/coach, divide that number by 4 and a half years, and then back out a couple hundred grand for travel each year and he’s not necessarily stacking paper.


To get a medical extension, he would need to be out at least two months. Since we are more than two months from the beginning of next season, if he doesn’t play again this season he would likely receive five starts on a Minor Medical Extension. If his absence reaches four months, it would be promoted to a Major Medical Extension. The main difference between Minor and Major extensions is that players on Major extensions are eligible for nearly all full-field events, whereas players on Minor extensions fall between graduates and players in the FedEx Cup 126–150 category.