Smylie Kaufman card?


Doesn’t look good for him this week so far (79, +9, second to last). I’m pulling for you Smylie! Really want to see him turn it around.


Someone needs to put in all of his scores and see what his handicap is, can’t be anywhere close to a professional level.


Was watching him all day - 2 over with two to play coming off two good birdies then finishing double, +5 (whatever that is even called). He has got to be a mental mess to finish like that.


how much longer does his exemption last?

if he’s not managed to get any better results in a few tournaments, I don’t see this suddenly getting better

unless his sponsors are paying him serious denominations, he’s got to be burning through money missing all these cuts


I’d assume it’ll cover all the normal tournaments for this season. I’m curious what status he’d have on the Web because I feel like he’ll struggle to have anything.


From his page it looks like through this year


PGA TOUR: 2015-16 tournament winner (through 2017-18)


See above. I dug that up… He will get into more tour events than Web events.


RIP Boomtower


Bump… +8 thru 10 on one of the easiest courses on Tour. Has hit one fairway. Dude is just terrible now, I feel bad for him.


I feel bad for his caddie


I don’t think he was ever going to be a top tier guy but had some decent finishes in 2016/17

What the heck happened between 2017 and 2018?


It’s gotten kind of absurd. I can’t imagine showing up week after week and just hoping to catch lightning in a bottle.


Gotta play through it. I agree it’s kind of like chasing cards at the poker table right now, but he’s playing with house money because he’s exempt through the end of the year, and you never know when something might click. Even bad pros are so much better than the rest of us that sometimes they could just be fiddling around on the range or putting green and find a key that spawns a 67 or something and off to the races when the confidence starts coming back. Sitting at home tinkering and stressing is a lot harder sometimes than showing up at the course and at least giving yourself a shot to make some money.


Smylie Kaufman is probably barely even playing to scratch right now.

Assuming that every course he has played at for his last 20 tournament rounds has a rating of 75.0/140, Smylie is a +1 right now, which means he could probably fare well in your local club championship.


Big Data DFE! Did you spreadsheet those numbers!?


This is becoming 30 for 30 territory fast. This guy won a tournament two years ago. And now he can break 75. I know Smylie wasn’t an elite talent, but even for a journey man this is stunning. Guy hasn’t even made a cut since Januray now.


It’s gotten really sad that I just go to the bottom of the leaderboard to instinctually see what he shot. Is this the worst season on tour ever?


Stephen Bowditch may have given him a run for his money last year or the year before. Credit to him though, he took it all in stride and became a great twitter follow


I think Bowditch last year was worse and there are probably worse in there. Bowdo made 2 cuts and $24k, while missing 25 cuts.

Thanks to a Fall T4 @ Sanderson Farms, Smylie has somehow made 3 cuts and $200k.

It has to be such a lonely feeling knowing you are alone and walking out on the course knowing you likely aren’t going to break 75.


Thats crazy he can be borderline the worst professional I have seen on tour in years and yet he has STILL made $200K.
Man, I gotta get into this pro golfin bidnezzz.

But yea - I was also wonder what dubious honors Smylie is racking up that the golf media doesnt have the heart to share with us. Whats the record for most rounds shot in the 80’s in a tour year? Highest stroke average?