Smylie Kaufman card?


Does he automatically have web exemption? It may help him to have some success on the web for a year or so. He’s still young.


I want to know what happened on 10 today. His tee ball went 181 way right into the rough.


I was thinking the same thing. Must have clipped a tree off the tee or hit a dead shank.


Much, much different circumstances, but some John Daly’s falls from grace were spectacularly hard to watch. Smylie’s might be even worse, but there is no addiction to blame.


Smylie would be worse off on the Web with his current game. Honestly I could see him having to completely start from stratch. He really needs to find just something in his game.


@Soly last week


I’m not all that sure. I imagine as a past champion on the web and past PGA Tour Champion, he could get enough starts to get his confidence/card back. If he can ever make a cut again this year, he will probably wind up somewhere in the 125-200 which should help. I saw him at Wells and it was just hard to watch. If he wasn’t such a likeable guy, this thread wouldn’t be 86 posts long.


Am I the only one that hits the end key on their keyboard every time I wonder how Smylie is doing?


Did the same thing earlier. Thought he turned a corner after shooting 68 last Friday. Was Bowdo or Matt Every’s slump this bad?


Bowdo won a tournament in 2015 has missed 44 of 57 cuts over the last 3 years.

He missed 25 of 27 last year and is 0-4 this year.

It has to be unbelievably frustrating


Not to mention the cost. They must be spending tens of thousands attending all these tournaments


Is there a reason, other than spring break trips, that Smylie gets so much attention from golf fans? Wasn’t a big name out of college. Just curious is all.


I honestly think the uniqueness of his name makes him more memorable to casual fans.


I think it’s because he enjoyed some early success winning in Vegas and then playing alongside Spieth in 2016 at the Masters. Maybe a few of us thought he was in the B-Flight of the young guys. I certainly think the spring break trips and other social media stuff endeared him to a lot of younger fans who want to see him do well.


Agree about his name. I think that’s the main reason. If his name was Mark Kaufman he honestly would not get as much attention.


I really think it’s a combination of all of it. His name, playing with Spieth at the Masters, and the Spring Break trips.


You lot are being incredibly uncharitable to our hosts by not including his appearance on the NLU pod in that list.

His lengthy summary of each of the Spring Break Crew’s drinking strengths was an all-time highlight of the podcast.


If I read everything right, he gets early Web status if he finishes Top 200 on the Fed Ex Cup, and would be subject to reshuffles after that. Otherwise, would need to go to Q School to gain status there. He should get into plenty of fall series Tour events on past champion status, though, and that is probably his best bet to regain some status.

Relevant Web categories:
2. Past champion of current event
4. Q School champ
6. Next 25 Money Leaders from 2017 Tour Finals who did not earn a PGA TOUR card
7. Finishers 2-10 and ties at previous year’s Qualifying Tournament
13-15. Sponsors Exemptions
16. Top 25 Previous Event
17. Top 25 at time of re-order
20. PGA Tour 151-200
22. Q School lower finishers
23. PGA Tour Past Champions past 200 who made a cut
30. 2010-2015 Champions

The early cut-offs seemed to happen around 22. Web past champion status won’t cut it except at the tournaments he won.


So what you’re saying is he needs to find his game and find it quick


These Web guys are good. I’m not sure he would get any confidence back there either.