Smylie Kaufman card?


You are so right though… which is why he totally wont take next week off. Unfortuantely.


Good article by Ryan Lavner of Golf Channel about Kaufman and his struggles:

Seems like his confidence isn’t completely gone though:

“It’s been frustrating these last three or four weeks with fans – they haven’t been too kind to me,” Kaufman said Friday.

“But I know how talented I am. I’ve got gears that other guys don’t have; I’ve got shots that other guys don’t have. It’s just a matter of getting over it and getting through it.”


saying Smylie’s ceiling is top 5 in the world is a large stretch. smylie is a top-200 golfer. everyone overplays the friendship with Spieth/Thomas/Fowler. He’s always going to be the odd man out of that group. He had a great sunday in Vegas and got a win. he played well for three rounds and Augusta and then came back to Earth. He will always be a guy fighting to keep his card come July/August.


Kaufman is tying the knot this weekend


Debated this on a group text, if you’re jt, Rickie, Spieth, do you buy the place settings off the registry or do you give cash/something off the registry that’s balling. I feel like the latter would be patronizing


They could go off registry and buy him a new Nissan so he can retire his 2008 model as an F U to Jim Nantz.

Doesn’t appear to be on there.


Hopefully this helps Smylie a lot. He has a decent game (fringe top 50 at the best to me) and it seems like more a of mental issue but I just hope for the best.


Birdied the first hole of the tournament then didn’t make another birdie and went 80-79. woof has a story about his former swing coach and mentioned he fired pretty much everyone recently trying to figure something out but it sure doesn’t look like it is helping.


+17 at Quail Hollow, currently DFL again


It hurts checking the leaderboard and seeing Smylie near or at the bottom again


After creepily perusing his Instagram after his recent nuptials…I think we need add another wrinkle to the Smylie Kaufman Story. This man had 15 groomsmen in his wedding party. FIFTEEN! Is this a Southern thing? Smylie’s Army balling out like they are the cast of Band of Brothers.


I think so. I went to a wedding a few years ago in NOLA and they had like 10 of us wearing tails. It was ridiculous, not to mention expensive to attend.

On a separate note, I think Smylie will be OK

He’s like 25? He may need a trip back to the Web to get things sorted


I wonder how dark of a place he is in mentally. Guy has gone DFL almost every week. Must be so brutal and so lonely. Hopefully he’ll snap out.


@Soly didn’t you ask him on the pod a few years ago and he responded “I’ll have to ask my mom” or something along those lines?


So Smylie did miss another cut but he did finally shoot in the 60’s. So that’s a small victory right?


I had the same reaction. he didn’t make it but there’s always a #silverlining


He’s currently +5 through 12 holes at Colonial. But he’s +1.27 strokes gained putting! Shot tracker shows some wild misses, left and right. Man he must be really struggling with his swing. Gotta be agonizing for him.


he was doing fine until he reached the turn, I wonder what happened?


I’m having a hard time remembering anyone who has had a tougher stretch of golf than Smylie has in 2018. It’s not that he’s just missing cuts but more often than not, he has been in the bottom 2-3 guys on the leaderboard on Friday. I’m pulling for him to get it turned around but barring something completely wild, it looks like he will be back out on the web next season.


Yeah he seems to just have a blow up hole which just kills any momentum he has. I hate to see the dude implode.