Smylie Kaufman card?


9 over thru 10 holes on his round today.


He was 2 under at what point…

Pardon my french but WTF is going on with his game??


Feel like he needs to get out of his hometown and get to bears club and starting playing with the big boys.

Too many old buddies on his jock it seems…

BTW I met him two years ago in Boston at the LIberty hotel and he was really great guy. It sucks to see what’s happening with him.


Not even including today’s implosion, he’s missed the cut in 9 of his last 10 tournaments, with a T69 (nice) as his lone weekend finish, at the CareerBuilder. He hasn’t even been close either, posting scores in the 80s in 3 of his last 5 rounds #ejected


It’s quickly going from a really bad slump to a 30 for 30 documentary on the dangers of being famous for having famous friends.


Poor guy. its gotten sad/bad.

Everytime I think of this.


didn’t the guy just get engaged too?

luckily I don’t think he’ll end up like Tin Cup, working as a pro at a dirt driving range


He did but he is young enough to get it back.

Maybe it’s time to go call Dr. Gio!


/ Club Pro at Shoal Creek

Changing gears… I see this next month as being huge for Smylie. Everytime I see him in last place (by 5 shots) I think to myself “Geez man… just take some time off, get away, regroup, clear your head”. But I get it, the dude is like 6 months away from being off the tour and thus he aint skipping any tournaments.

Anyways - think next month… he wont be at WGC Austin, he should skip the Shell, and he wont be at Augusta… So he needs to use this month to totally get away from the tour and get his head right so he can have a chance to come back at Hilton Head and make a legit run at keeping his card this summer.


He has some game, but as time passes on, it seems more like he is A Derek Ernst type story. I hate seeing him struggle and give him a lot of credit for not withdrawing. It has to be humiliating going out there and on the one hand needing the start and on the other knowing your game is currently trashed and there’s no where to hide.


Saw his 77-81 and came here immediately. Chances are he is going to go back to the Web, if he turns it around and keeps his card it’ll be legendary stuff.

They always say you don’t know how hard it is to win on tour regardless of who’s playing, so it says something that he has a win. I hope the best for him it guts you to see this happen.


Currently DFL and 5 shots back of the next worst player, that’s gotta sting.


Just think how depressing Sat and Sundays must be for him. There he is… in Tampa or Orlando or whatever… all his buddies are still playing the weekend and he is got another Sat/Sunday wide open while he wishes he could just fall asleep and wake up on Monday.


I’m pretty sure Smylie has friends who aren’t named Rickie, Justin or Jordan – that storyline is way overplayed.

He’s a journeyman type talent who will probably bounce between the TOUR and the Web Tour his whole career – and that’s not a bad thing. It’s hard to stay up. He was never a rising star – he just happened to have a couple big moments.


Well , in looking at his card for today , it appears he turned it around on the back? (unless he started on 10) in any event there aren’t many words to describe his front 9 score. Holy Smokes! , Gee Wiz come to mind.


Gronk??? Is that you???

I assume there are enough football fans in here for that to get a laugh


He almost needs to fake an injury, take some time off and apply for a medical exemption to get starts next year. (not like anyone else has ever done that on tour)

Seems like the only way he is going to get any starts next year.

He’s gone full Bowdo- you never go full Bowdo


Where is he btw bounding in the outback?


He can go win the “Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship” to pick up 300 FedEx points and turn around at the Barbasol for another 300 lol


I mean yea… overall what you said may be true… BUT, even journeymen that bounce between tours don’t go (what seems like) +11 every week and miss every cut and finish dead last. Lets not ifnire facts and sugsrcoat the truth…

(I like Smylie… seems like a good dude)