Smylie Kaufman card? AMEX?

Well RIP Smylie. Seriously never thought the guy would be elite but figured he’d be pretty decent. At least he’ll always be the MVP of SB2K in our hearts.

ya his ceiling is top 5 player in the world I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a JT type breakout in the coming years

Kinda seems like Smylie’s invitation to Baker’s Bay is going to get “lost in the mail” this year.


Game has been sliding for a while, seems completely untethered at this point. There has to be more to the story

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I remember last year after he missed like 7 straight cuts he said he was figuring things out and feeling better but other than one or two tournaments he has been pretty terrible.

I agree, it seems like there has to be more, whether it is injury or something else. He went from up and coming star to forgotten man pretty quickly

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From: #SB2K18 Party Planning Committee
Date: February 22, 2018
Re: #SB2K18 Tour Status

It has come to our attention that we as an organization need to make some strategic changes which impact our near and long term future. Effective immediately Xander Schauffele has accepted his SB2K18 tour card and fully eligible status from Smylie Kaufman who forcefully resigned following his truly abysmal performance this week and every week. We look forward to working with Xander and wish Smylie all the best on the Narcos Tour.


I don’t think it’s the “partying” that many people point to. More likely that he has lost his nerve/confidence or is hurt. Either way, he needs to figure it out quick or he’ll be back on the web in the fall

I watched him for a few holes at the Sony. Dude is spraying the ball absolutely everywhere. You can tell he’s mentally destroyed

13 over 83 today. Not looking good for him.

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Has to be rock bottom right?

Good lord. He’s approaching Bowditch status…


Loupe still has him covered this year


@JDWilson Except Loupe can get away with it because he’s #Flowseidon and looks like he could be DJ’s forgotten brother

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I love #Flowseidon :joy:

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Smylie going from the final group in the Masters in 2015 to a year later spending Masters weekend in a parking lot with Trent/Riggs/Barstool is the equivalent of going to Bakers Bay with Spieth/JT/Rickie one year and then driving to Virginia Beach in a minivan with your parents the next. What an incredible fall from grace.


Yea that has to be a tough pill to swallow mentally

+11 today, +13 for the tournament. Don’t think he’s making the cut this week. Yikes

Looks like another tiger John Peterson is dunzo. Is there something in the water in Baton Rouge with Smylie and not JP?


Peterson played well in that one US Open and not much else. Smylie at least had the makings of a middle tier pro

Bump. Currently in dead last- +9 thru 10, +14 for the tournament.