Smylie Kaufman card? AMEX?

What’s going on with him? Could he actually lose his exemption this year and wind up back on the web?

He’ll have to change his name to Frownie Kaufman.


I just saw he was +4 today. Yes, I think
He could lose it if he doesn’t play well this year. Hoping his luck turns around since the kid can play. I wanna see what he has at Riv this year

That will be disappointing if he does. When he is on he can play with the best of them, but he lacks consistency. Smylie and Ollie Schneiderjans are two of the more underrated young players in my opinion.

tbh I always thought he was kinda overrated & I mean when you’re friends/comps with guys like Rickie, JT & Spieth people are gonna expect big things out of you, I don’t think he’s a Web Tour player but I don’t think he’s a perennial top 15-20 player either…there’s just nothing about his game that really stands out


I like him but its not like he was ever even that great at the college level, he had 3 really good rounds at ANGC and is friends with JS and the boys. I mean seems like a great dude but there was no reason to think he’d be elite


He was a very successful college player and made it on tour via the web in one season. I guess I was wondering if his exempt status from winning in Vegas a few years ago is up

Smylie is still fully exempt from his win 2 years ago, but he is not eligible for this years Invitationals and WGC’s based on his fedex finish last year and current OWGR. He’ll need to finish top125 to retain his status. If he finishes 126-200 he’ll have another chance to keep his card via Web Finals


Is Smylie the Joe Flacco of the PGA Tour? Do his 3 solid rounds at the Masters and a reacharound season victory qualify him as semi-elite? He is always voted as the all-star of SB2K17… people forget that.


I would love to see SK start playing better. It’s comical to me that he went from final group at Augusta to drinking in the parking lot across the street with Natty light and Barstool a year later.


He didn’t have the amateur pedigree of JT/Speith and really hasn’t displayed any consistency to form throughout his PGA tour career. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up back on the Web, which might not be the worst thing. He’s still young enough to have a solid career but needs to get back on the grind.

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Love me some schneiderjans. Followed him around Riv last year and tore it apart. Great swing, and ball striking.


It looks like he parties way too much and needs to slow down and concentrating on his game.

Make your $$$ now you can always party later


He was the 62 ranked college golfer in his senior year by golfweek, scoring average of 74.70 in his junior year, never an all sec guy, not exactly a world beater


Ollie’s lack of hat drives me nuts. Put a hat on, dog.

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I was looking at Smylie’s stats the other day… its pretty clear he has (pretty much) never recovered from that 81 he shot on Sunday at the Masters (in which he started in 2nd, playing with Spieth). He played well in the fall of 2015 and early in 2016-- otherwise… he has been terrible. Ala when the Club Pro Guy missed the first 44 cuts of his career.


Here’s his wedding registry if anyone feels so inclined


Yikes. Looks like Smylie might be more at home in La Maquina’s foursome today.

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Whoa…just saw his round so far

Too much partying and not enough focus. IMO