Ski Season 2019/2020

Less than 2 months until lifts start spinning in Colorado.

Where y’all shredding at ?

As a Salt Lake resident I have a Snowbird and Alta pass so the upcoming winter will be hard to beat this past season but the Wasatch always delivers.


Man I’m getting some serious envy over here in Ohio :frowning: Might be lucky to make it to some “mountains” in western NY if I can find time.

Skiing the East this year, yet again. I tend to spend all my leisure money on golf trips, but I do have a nice bit of JetBlue points at my disposal…

A Utah skier? Very jealous! I love making the trip down to Deer Valley or Alta so I can avoid those immature, troublemaking snowboarders who sit on their ass and try to light up their plants on the chair next to my kids. I wish resorts would cancel season passes so these little punks couldn’t afford to show up too often and cause trouble.

Been a couple years since i’ve made a snowboarding trip. Where are you at most weekends Eric? i’d love to hang my board on your skis on every lift.


Me to Eric when I see him on the slopes


Do you sit on your face?


I like to ski anywhere in CO, mostly Copper mountain and Purgatory. Plan on getting out to CA to shred Squaw this season because my main ski buddy is going to Stanford grad school this fall

I grew up skiing in Colorado at Copper, Winter Park, and Keystone, but have shifted to skiing in Utah the last few years. My days at Solitude, Alta, and Snowbird were some of my favorite ski days ever. I’m looking to change jobs and move west in the next couple months, and Salt Lake is very high on the list. Even if I don’t end up in Utah, I’ll likely try to make a long weekend out there happen timed up over a Jazz home game. The direct flight from San Diego, LA, SF or Phoenix is a lot easier than any from here. I also have a buddy whose family has a place at Mammoth. It’s been hard to make that trip work living in the midwest, but it should be easy to make happen living much closer.

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Very few people light up now. Pens are far more reliable in the wind and you don’t have to take off gloves with use a lighter.

Obvious troll is obvious.


Last year for turning 30 my two buds and I did Keefer lake lodge. If anyone is willing to give up their bandon trip I’d highly recommend Keefer.

This year those two nerds are getting married so we are likely doing a smaller trip to Big Sky where none of us have been.

If anyone is interested in some poorly edited footy feel free to check it out

I am also from SLC, I got the Ikon pass last year and loved it. I usually ski and snowboard at Solitude so the bonus of all of the other resorts was awesome.

Y’all need to watch this when it drops

Steamboat 2-3 times for sure. Steamboat Grand for 2 of the trips, the Wyndham property just west of the Iron Horse lift for the Spring Break week.

Doing Musicfest in Steamboat, pretty much the best week of my year every year. Our date to pick our lodging option in 6 days, and in true Musicfest fashion their website is still just a single page with “2020 Details Coming Soon!” They are really great at putting together a really fun week, but really bad at everything technology related… when I was in college we had to do everything over the phone and pay by mailing in a check, at least now they take credit cards.

Careful Eric, snowboarders have long memories. As Rancho found out:

Making the annual pilgrimage to Park City this Jan 8-12, bringing my golf buddies this time around. anyone else gonna be there around then?

Shout out to the “first resort to open” drama between Keystone and A Basin a few weeks ago. That was hilarious.

Big Sky, MT is one of my favorite spots. Huge mountain, much less lines than the popular CO and UT spots. Not too tough to get to from Bozeman

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