Silvies Valley Ranch (apparently we're talking about Ancient Aliens in here)

Just listened to The Golfers Journal podcast with DJ and Neil about their trip to Silvies Valley Ranch. At the end they discuss the strange cattle mutilations that have been happening on the ranch. The same thing has happened on the History Channels new show The Mystery at Skinwalker Ranch. The similarities are right on at both places. The case files from previous government research at Skinwalker have been sealed. Hope the FBI’s involvement at Silvies does not cause any issues with the course. Need the conspiracy button for this one.

Check out the podcast and GJ article. Both are wonderful. Silvies sounds like an amazing place to visit. If anyone else has been would love to hear about your experience. Give and take care everyone.


I just spent two night at Silvies and it was incredible.

First a covid disclaimer: ** if you are even a little covid sensitive, this is not the place for you, I have been to a lot of rural spots since the pandemic began and Silvies was far an away the worst with their precautions **

With that out of the way, here’s what the experience is like.

Rooms - The rooms are incredible, we got to stay in two rooms while we were there and they were both very nice. If you’re going, do yourself a favor and get the cabin suite, it’s really nice and worth the extra bit a night, it’s worth it.

Food - I can’t speak highly enough of the chef and the food. Breakfast and lunch are well above average but dinner is truly exceptional. The 5 course tasting menu every night is a delight and will never disappoint.

Experience - All of the activities you can do at the ranch are incredible, it truly gives the city slicker an opportunity to cosplay as a cowboy. This is what this place is all about, the experiences of being on a working ranch occupying hundreds of thousands of acres.

Golf - I played every course but Craddick and they were all above average design but 10/10 conditioning. It was the first time in my life I’ve watched shots move on the green for 20-40 seconds after you thought they were done.

Chief Egan - Great par 3 course, lots of elevation change (relative) and you get 9 fun approach shots. Unfair at times, I watched my wife just clear the water on the front side of a green only to watch it rocket off the back into the pond.

Mcveigh’s Gauntlet - This course is fucking absurd and I couldn’t love it more. It was like being taken out of real life and thrown into someone’s TGC created course. I had literally no idea what I was getting myself into and it was the most pleasant surprise of the trip. Truly, golf like you’ve never played it before. Make sure you bring a bunch of shitty balls and low expectations of your play though.

Hankins Routing (~6500 for me) - Take all this with a grain of salt, I’m a 12.9 who shot a 96 here with ten 3 putts, one 4 putt, and a degreen. This course is a test of imagination and touch. A few really world class holes with a few weaker holes. 3, 6, 7 (which I Osamaed), 10, 14, 15, and 16 stick out as being really good holes, 5, 11, and 13 stick out as being some of the meh ones. The greens are so fun to play with from inside 100 yards even if you aren’t putting it well.

Vibe Check - Really cool vibe here, IF you’re used to dealing with country folk. Many of the clientele are rich smalltown conservatives, not surprising but be prepared for some off color remarks if you’re from a liberal hub. All the guests have a cocktail hour until the dinner bell rings when everyone sits down to dinner together. The owner, the GM, and both their wives are usually dining with you, the owner’s son comes around with coffee in the morning and the owner’s brother makes all the pastries and is also the bartender. Your server is often your massage therapist.

Location - Good god it’s out there. You might think I’m joking but fill your gas tank at the next gas station you see once you get to 1/3 of a tank. It might be the last one you see before it’s too late.

Other notes - This is first and foremost a resort, if you’re thinking about doing a golf trip, I would NOT recommend doing it here honestly. There are way better options for golf trips. I can think of two ideal use cases for a place like this, a couples trip and a “guys” non golf specific trip. It’s a pretty romantic place tbh with really good food, drinks, and activities. It’s a really nice couples getaway that happens to have really good golf courses, take advantage of things other than golf while you’re there. There are also a lot of activities that appeal to a “mancation” type of vibe, in addition to the golf. All in all, if you’re there for other reasons, play the golf, it’s so good, but, I personally wouldn’t plan a golf trip around this place. There are too many other experiences at Silvies to be that single-minded.

Last thing, buyer beware, the bill adds up fast, if you are going to plan a trip here, make sure you budget for about 30-40% more than you think it will be.