Silk Road of The Refuge - The Best Thread in this Place

I named this putter Bridgette after a really attractive girl who broke my heart in 9th grade.

I bought this putter on a whim in a golf store in Naples, FL two years ago. I was pretty buzzed. Haven’t made a putt in two years, so, time for Bridgette to find a new home.

34" “murdered out/black shaft/head” 7s O-Works with head cover. They should’ve called this putter “No Works” because if you ask me, it sucks. Maybe you’ll like it. It’s gonna go on eBay soon but thought we might try a little market place here in the Refuge. “Buy It Now” on eBay is around $93.00. For my fellow Refugees, I’ll take $80 + shipping from Los Angeles (probably around $10-12.)

End my nightmare, please.


Fantastic thread title.

If I used a 34" putter I’d look like Jason Day out there in no time.


Really would be interested in seeing what gear the refugees have to sell

Will be following this thread closely, but I think you need to clarify what forms of payment you will accept for the listed value, i.e. crypto, foreign currencies, weight of bartered goods, etc


So all the good putt mojo remains in the murdered out flagstick? Like the sweet spot on my irons, basically unused?


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Seriously? After months of research and soul-searching, I just purchased that exact putter (only with standard steel shaft)! I wanted black, but got impatient. F*%#!

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So, the question becomes, can I get at least $90 for my like new one, which would make this essentially an even trade for me…

Perhaps more importantly, how many more boxes can show up at my house on consecutive days before my wife changes the locks on me…


Can you not ship to work?

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The one rule is that it please please please cannot become the WRX BST. That thing is a mess. It does favor the sociopath who is willing to hunt and hunt and hunt for deals, however this is not by design but merely a byproduct of its inherent shortcomings.

Did you not notice the storylines?
My 9th grade love life?
This putter sucks, but you go for it?

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I was mostly joking, but I usually spread out my purchases and deliveries a bit. I could ship to work, but I’m not really into hiding stuff. I prefer to be transparent on everything, for better or worse. My wife really doesn’t care - she is very easy-going. My recent purchases have included 2 wedges that I won’t use for at least a year, a bunch of BCN swag, a new putter, and a bunch of hats, shirts, and other stuff from courses I have visited recently, plus a few hundred in Masters trinkets.

I’ve got three CG15 wedges with worn grips. Replacing them soon. You want 'em?

Anybody looking for a set of T stamp Titleist 681’s?

Is there something wrong with just regular Bridget? Her parents just HAD to add “te”?

Bridgette was gorgeous. I fell in love as we were fleeing the police who had crashed a keg party by the creek where we drank as kids. Our eyes met as we ducked behind a warming house at a nearby hockey rink. The next Monday I waited by her locker and she treated me like we had no history whatsoever.

That’s all you’re getting. Stop asking about Bridgette, please.


Typical teenager, wonder what she’s up to nowadays

She blew it, man. Like 65% of Minnesotans, she still lives in the town she grew up in. Probably feeds her kids Lunchables and drives a suburban when a Prius would do.


Your heart would hurt more now than if she had stayed with you.

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Like 65% of Minnesotans:

She’s on her local curling team.

Her butt is twice as big as you remember it.


who wants some '96 big berthas lol

also kinda dig the idea of naming clubs after girls I was into a billion years ago