Silk Road 2.0 New Rules, mainly dogs (doodles and labs specifically)

Same happened to me, purchased in February of this year, replaced with an Adidas pair in August.

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I emailed Puma/Cobra a picture of the broken spikes along with a proof of purchase and they sent a replacement pair…twice. My one time purchase 3 years ago has gotten me 3 pairs of shoes.


Hello all, in preparation of the Mega Drop 2.0 of the NLU Fall Collection my wife told me I have two options: get rid of some of my current golf clothes or buy her a bigger closet as compensation…so I’m going with the cheaper route and offering some very lightly used polos on the Silk Road. Promise I’m not just unloading medium to highly-worn items, those are going to Goodwill this afternoon.

Now, I don’t have a specific story about each one, but I will tell you a true story about me when I was a dumber and younger lad. When I was in high school I was rather girthy…somewhere around 255 (but not in the Bryson way) and I had a friend who was very skinny. One day I asked “hey man, how do you maintain such a skinny body?” And he replied “I used to be big like you, but then a couple years ago I found out I had diabetes. Now I’m skinny. I mean, I have to take insulin, but it’s fine.” And I immediately thought to myself, “dang, I wish I had diabetes.” Kids, so dumb and naive! Which leads me to my next point, being stuck in quarantine and having lurked on the Peloton thread for a few months, I’ve followed Soly and DJ Pie in their spring/summer transformation and some of these are now just wildly too big. So without further adieu, I present to you:

Zac Efron: The real Zac has beautiful blue eyes and this Zac has beautiful blue material. Size Large and I’ve worn 3 times max - $25 w/shipping

Jason Momoa: We all know Jason was fantastic as Aqua Man, and this UA polo is just as splendid as an aquamarine number to make a splash in your closet. Full disclosure, it’s a bit more aqua/green then the picture shows. Size Large and I’ve worn 2 times max - $25 w/shipping

Willem Dafoe: First of all, this guy spells his name “Willem?” I honestly had no idea. Anyway, throw back to WILLEM playing the Green Goblin 20 spider-man movies ago. Willem actually fits fine, but Soly : Blue polos :: VinnyFromState : AquaMarine polos. So I need to make some room. Size Medium and I’ve worn 3 times max - $25 w/shipping

LL Cool J: Who can forget the iconic shark movie Deep Blue Sea. I mean, it’s one of my favorites. Sharks with big brains?! Twists and Turns?! Worsening my fear of the open water?! What’s not to love? And I LOVE this polo. But I was already in-between clubs when I purchased this and I should have ordered the medium, but when I bought this I wasn’t deep in the fitness process yet. Size Large and I’ve worn once - $55 w/shipping

Tim Meadows: On Wednesdays you can wear pink, like the underrated actor from the infamous movie, Mean Girls, Mr. Tim Meadows (ok this one was a stretch, I admit). See LL Cool J’s description for me selling this polo. Again, love this polo, just too big. Great color. Size Large and I’ve worn once - $55 w/shipping

That’s all I got. I’m willing to negotiate, especially if you want to grab a couple of items. Shoot me a DM and we can talk. All proceeds will go directly back to NLU on November 1st when the Mega Drop happens. I don’t have a rug, but here is my dog (who ruins my indoor putting practice when she grabs the golf balls before they are obviously going into the cup:


Time to get rid of a couple putters and make good on my promise to my wife that I’m not just buying new clubs, but trading and selling too. These are scheduled to go back to Callaway on a trade-in in a week or so, but figured I would offer them up here first.

This is Willie Mays Hayes. Really looked the part and seemed like a sure fire all-star. Ended up swinging for the fences and hitting nothing but pop ups. I’m sure all he needs is a change of scenery. Odyssey Stroke Lab Three, 35", SuperStroke Pistol GT 2.0 grip, includes generic headcover that came with it from CPO. Willie will come with a 50g countercore weight in the grip that makes it very close to the original weight of the OEM grip and counterweight. I’ll also include the original 30g counterweight that I took out when I re-gripped it. Bought a couple months ago on CPO in Like New condition, only saw a few rounds and a couple practice sessions. Let’s say $120 shipped.

This is Jake Taylor. An oldie but a goodie. Not the sexiest putter out there and might not seem like he belongs on a major league team, but turns out he was gritty before being gritty was cool and just performs when he has to. Just got a little too thicc for me in his old age (no shaming). Odyssey O-Works Black 2-Ball Fang, 35", stock SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip, includes headcover. I used it for about half a season, shows very little wear. SOLD

And here are Zoe and Charlie, who are directly to blame for both the lack of carpet and the duct tape/abundant fur on the rug in the basement.


No fancy story but I’ve got $100 of linksoul dollars through golfers journal that is no use to me as they discriminate against Canadians (no international shipping? It’s 2020 right?). Who wants $100?

Aaaaaand she gone! Thanks for playing, enjoy @brutalbaum


Hello Silk Road - as you may know, 2021 is the year of the blade (YOTB). In observation of this, I have dutifully ordered a set of P7MBs, not because I wanted to, but because I had to. I am optimistic that by years end, my quest to find the sweet spot just once will be successful.

As part of the YOTB initiative, synergies must be achieved by ruthlessly prioritizing the assets in our portfolio, in order to ensure buy-in from all stakeholders. [read: my gf says I have to clear out some stuff].

Items 1 & 2: #packyourtraj

**1. The Dutchess - P790 UDI 2 Iron | Project X Hzdrs Smoke 9.0S 90g | MCC Align Midsize +4 | SOLD **

Be aware that this club only knows the finer things in life, so set expectations accordingly. I bought it for a trip to Scotland, and so far it has played there and Bandon only. By definition, if you bring this club, you have packed your traj.

2. Pieters - Project X Evenflow T110 White 6.5X 75g Driver shaft | Taylormade Tip | Golfpride MCC +4 Align Grip | SOLD

This shaft is an item of great shame for me. It’s also way too much shaft for me, but those of you who have #distancebaby (@merchczar) might be a good match.

The story here was I was on the first day of a golf trip in SLC with one of my best friends from highschool - who brings out the worst in my competitive side. I was playing my worst golf in a year, and after watching my 7th ball of the day bound into a hazard, I flexed my driver over my shoulders and snapped it. It was genuinely unintentional, but I still feel like an all time dick cheese for doing it. With 3 36 holes/day of golf ahead of me, I had to resort to the relatively slim pickings of SLC classified for ™ tip driver shafts. I was duly punished by never hitting a driver higher than 20 feet off the ground with this thing for the whole trip.

3. Al - GAPR Lo 4 | KBS Hybrid Shaft S 80 G | Golf Pride | SOLD

This is the hardest club on this list to part with. I was playing it the day I met @Matt_monk @thomaschambers @fullbodyfix , which was alfo the day I made my first and only albatross. For whomever it ends up with it, may it help you over perform and massively miss-set expectations, too.

Items 3 & 4 - ‘That shaft costs how much?!’

4. Deej - SIM 5 Wood | Ventus Velecore (+$250 upcharge) Blue 7S | Golfpride | $380 + shipping

Deej, a good club in its own right, has become the casualty of an enlightenment, as I’ve seen the light that is the Heaven Wood. Ridiculous price tag aside, these shafts are really, really, really good. They’re incredibly stable while not feeling super burly.

5. L.A.B DF 2.1 Putter | Stability Shaft (+$225 Upcharge) | OG Press 3.0 Grip | 37” | $300 + shipping

I got into a very dark place with my putting. Nuff said.

Shirts - all gifts that have either never been worn, or worn once. $20/each + shipping OR free to anybody who pays asking for one of the items above.

  1. Lululemon Tech Pique Polo Green | L
  2. Nike Dri Fit Tiger Woods | L
  3. Nike Aero React - Cleveland Cavaliers | L [SOLD]
    Fun fact: this was a team issued item, from my friend who works in their front office.

Here’s moose:


wait what!? no way you can part with the albatross Gapr.



Edit: Sold

I’d like to introduce you to Margot Tannenbaum, the adopted daughter of Royal and Etheline Tannenbaum. When she was 16, she ran away for a few weeks and returned home she was missing a finger.

I got these irons to review, you can read about them here. If you don’t want them feel free to use the Wilson Discount Code below for 15% off


A basically new (been on the course, just not the entire set at any point in time) set of Wilson D7 Forged Irons. They have R+ flex (5.5) Catalyst 80 Graphite Shafts (D3 Swingweight) and are better suited for someone with a faster tempo (or who isn’t old like me).


Here is a picture of me and some of my favorite feline and canine friends circa 2004


Another Refugee blacklisted by Linksoul’s anti-Canada bigotry. $50 code for the first one to message me (only term and condition is message MUST include dog pic to uphold bylaws)

And that’s all she wrote, shop wisely @Waldorf98


Those are so darn pretty

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Yes they are, and they will look great in someone’s bag, maybe yours…

Thank you @TremendousSlouch!

The good boy that won it all -


I won’t lie to you, I checked the balance of my “Wife can’t get mad at me if I buy out of this” account and re-read your review. My family was always a Wilson Sporting Goods family and so those irons speak to my soul.

My awful scores tell me I’m still in the “game improvement” and not “players distance” category, but I’m going to be VERY jealous of whomever scoops those up.

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Hey, hey, no free ads!!!

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Wilson is currently sponsoring YOTB. so this is allowable here too.


I want to play golf where moose plays. That looks gorgeous.

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That’s actually our muni here in Palo Alto. Apparently it was a super boring goat track at one point, but they closed it down for two years, removed all the trees, added a ton on undulation (esp around the greens) and now it’s psuedo-linksy.

If you find yourself in the Bay Area - happy to host.


Meet Harry everyone! He’s our favorite regular guy with a known distaste of buttons, picked this up because how could I resist, well I got agressive on the sizing and have come to the final conclusion that i need to err on the side of caution and go with a large.

Hanes Beefy Tee - Size Medium, tried on only $20 shipped

Up next is Mr. Roboto, a similarly sized T from one of my favorite breweries here in CLT - Wooden Robot. Super soft unlike his wood and metal companions and color is more of a greenish grey. $20 shipped as well.

$30 shipped if you buy both. Both are very slim, i’m 5’9" 185 and these are tight

Dog triptych


Make up your F’ing mind, will ya?