Side Hustles and Passive Income

Spawning this thread off of the Professional Networking thread and the current conversation.

What side hustles do you have, want to start, or want to learn more about? It’s a topic that I always enjoy talking about and seems like others on here feel the same way.


Here is my gig from the other thread:


@Zocco is going to build a tinder-like golf app and make a fortune.


doesn’t that already exist?

Same thing for Tennis meetups?

Nobody around here seems to have stumbled across it, if it does exist.

I think I want to buy some vending machines…


very fair point, just shocked that it does not. I thought GoflNow was triyng to get that going. Would be interesting to set up if anyone has any interest.

Could do a tiered system. Tier people by handicaps and tier people by activity

If I was doing it from scratch knowing what I know now, I would get find a couple locations and get them locked into putting a machine in and then buy a machine for the location. Horse, then cart, if you will.

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When you first brought this up, it never dawned on me that someone had to own these things. It’s so easy that you breeze right over it.

My wife and I have been throwing around ideas for side hustles but can never land on a good one. Lately, we have just been flipping random garage sale finds on eBay and FB Marketplace, but that is incredibly hard to scale. Our neighbor has an Amazon Seller business and grew it into an 8 figure business in three years. We are very interested in that.

Passive income is another thing we are talking about. I’m going through Tony Robbins book “Unshakeable” right now learning about some investment strategies so we can retire well and have some financial freedom down the road. Pretty cool that he partnered with a Kansas Citian for the book.

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I’m interested as well. I think I’d really prefer to buy machines / get them placed and let someone operate them though. Looking for the most passive income possible.

I have enjoyed it. It’s a bit like having a retail spot but without a brick and mortar building and the pitfalls that come with it. It was a decent amount of legwork to set up an LLC, get the credit card processor, sales tax resale certificates, all that crap. I learned a decent amount and now its pretty much on auto pilot.


the traffic on used vending has SKYROCKETED

This was all a ploy to offload some inventory? @HaveOuimet

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So the day job pays the bills, and then there are the passions (all side hustles):

  1. Sports photography. Working directly for an NCAA, AHL, and MiLB franchise is by far the coolest side gig I’ve ever had (plus some PGA Tour coverage). Ultimately, I would LOVE to go freelance photog full time, but financially it’s a risky jump that I can’t justify at the moment. But dammit, getting paid to watch sports on the sidelines/on the glass through a camera lens doesn’t suck. This is THE passion project right now, and the thing (along with this silly message board) that keeps me relatively sane.

  2. Writing and podcasting - sports. It’s beer money mostly, but throwing a few sentances together for a website or a blog brings in a few extra dollars to keep the fridge well stocked.

  3. Wedding Band. I was a music student in college and still love to play the horn. It’s really easy money for the most part, and the people I am fortunate to perform with are some really really good musicians.

If anyone has questions/wants to know more, let me know!


If I were to do it I would get those “healthy” vending machines and place them around places that are fitness related or at least fitness adjacent. I live in a big helicopter parent area, only the best for little Tommy.

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You really are the jack of all trades. I love it.

Set up a stand at the local sports games?

"So which one is your kid?

“What do you mean?”

“C’mon honey lets get away from the man with the organic non-GMO fruit packs”


And yet I still can’t putt less than 30 times a round…

Putt with your camera around your neck so you can get in the zone.

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These are the ones I have. It was a franchise originally but they are now belly up. Guy I bought it from was a franchisee and had terminated his agreement with them when I bought it from him.


I work part time (8ish hours per week) Notre Dame’s climbing gym. It’s very much a part time job/side hustle vs. passive income, but I enjoy it and the perks that come with. Pay is pretty low, but most of my shifts include a chunk of time on here while sitting at the desk or climbing a bit on the bouldering wall if we’re not too busy. During my three hour shift yesterday, I spent maybe 30 minutes “working.” The other 2.5 included hours watching NFL/MLB on my phone, Refuge-ing, BS-ing elsewhere online, or climbing myself. There’s also paid time to set new routes which is really fun, and something I’d probably do it for free.

The scheduling is very flexible, and while everyone is supposed to work at least 5 hours per week, the supervisor understands that for those of us with real jobs, we may not be able to work at all for a couple weeks. Perks include free access to the climbing gym and campus rec center for normal workouts, and employee rates at the Warren golf course which is great. Lastly, I caddied a few days this summer which is always a great time.