Show Us Your Golf Cave/Simulator/Putting Green!


This was a pretty useful article. Not sure what the refuge protocol is for posting content from other golf outlets, but the #Killhouse could definitely use one of these.


Does it swing path/club face angle as well? I have the Optishot 2, nice enough entry level offering but see myself upgrading at some point. I’m not convinced the distances I see with it are accurate.


I decided to dip a toe into the simulator pool yesterday, and bought an R-Motion device:

It’s similarly priced to the optishot, but without having to worry about club reading issues. Ultimately I’d like to add a Skytrak system which this would also be compatible with, and would provide the Skytrak with club position info.

I’m in a townhome and the garage will be pulling double duty, so I’m going with a hitting mat and net setup and not going full simulator. Thankfully the garage is heated so that part is already taken care of.

These are what I bought for net and hitting mat.
Hitting Net
Hitting Mat

If anyone is in the market the hitting mat is a super good deal, about half of the manufacturer’s price. You can still order it if not a costco member for a 5% upcharge.

I’m not looking for a full simulator build at this point, but mainly something to keep me working on my game during the winter months that provides some level of feedback. Also planning on buying a birdieball mat as well. More than anything I’m hoping this will provide me with a more active alternative to sitting on the couch, which is all too easy here in the winter.


Cool. Let us know what you think of the rmotion. Might be fun to mess around with in the backyard. My ceilings aren’t high enough for me to go full sim so this could be a nice addition to my outdoor setup.


Yeah will do. Should be here Thursday. Unfortunately the net won’t be here until Saturday. Will be interesting to see how the garage holds up in the meantime. I’ll likely just be using the android phone app with the R-motion. That said, I’m holding out hope my Surface Pro2 will be capable of running the limited version of the TGC that comes with the game if I set it to the lowest simulation levels. I don’t need super simulation rendering capabilities, but being able to get a little gameplay to break up the monotony would be nice. Not sure the wife would tolerate me attempting to purchase a gaming laptop right now.

Also a little annoyed that the additional package of clips is currently out of stock on Amazon. Will need that to get here ASAP as I’m not sure how long I’ll tolerate having to move the clip as well as the r-motion each time.

I also see myself going through a lot of athletes foot spray on the club faces so I can get a sense for impact location.

I also said screw it and just ordered a birdieball mat. They were running a 20% off sale which appears to have ended yesterday. That said I punched in the code (holiday20) and it still gave me the 20% of discount.

I bought the 4x8 mat and requested the upgrade in the comment section, which should result in getting a 4x10 mat. Total cost was $182 for a 4x10 mat (after upgrade), u shaped bumpers, 3 holes, storage bag, and extra shim kit.

If the birdieball holiday20 code stops working, I’d previously seen a 15% of code from an online ad that was (bbpractice) which also worked before I tried the 20% off code.


Just ordered a 2 X 10 birdieball mat tonight. I tried the upgrade trick in the comments section, we will see if it works. 12 feet would be great but 10 is just fine for me and my toddler to have some fun on it. The 15% off code (bbpractice) still works FYI. All in with guaranteed Xmas delivery it was about $90.


Working from home today due to a blizzard. Decided to sneak out and hit the range over my lunch hour.


A blizzard? Serious question: Why do golfers live in Minnesota?


I ask myself this question about once a week.


Mainly family and friends is why I’ve stayed. Summers are great. I do need to invest in some snowmobiles again to truly bring back the excitement for winter.


why is the door open?


Wife was just leaving, that and it made for a better photo!


9pm sunsets in the summer are nice.

Of course it’s dark by 4 in December.


F/U on this. The birdieball mat is awesome. The upgreade trick worked and love the product…people are amazed at how true it feels. Only downside is durability. Dog left a divot in it with one of his paws, and when I was putting it away one of the bumpers took a chunk out as well.


Do you think Trump’s TrackMan Combine numbers will ever get leaked?


Well it was bound to happen at some point.

Working on some things and wasn’t paying attention to the fact that the mat had slid over to one side.

All better.


This is the reason my net stays (unused) in my basement. Had it set up in my backyard last year, backdropped by my garage, which is mainly used by my landlord. Caught one just right and it split the net, CRUSHED the siding on the garage, and then dead silence for like 8 seconds. Then I heard the ball land in my neighbor’s yard behind me. Close call.


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another one that just is a giant waste of everyone’s time. Turns out he was updating the one Obama had installed, that he’s never used it, and that the 50k he spent was his own money, not taxpayers.

I really wish politics would go away.


you mean money given to him by russians?

if you want politics to go away, stop posting about it. :slight_smile: