Show Us Your Golf Cave/Simulator/Putting Green!


Here are two walls of my golf room. Basically built a wall and then laid it on the ground and covered it in turf.


Do you guys want another friend? :smile:

Any clue as to the equipment? Projector, tracker, etc.


Nice. Very cool. Is that a brush for your putting green? Or a putter-path trainer?


It’s a putting arc training tool.


I don’t know all the specifics but it’s a SkyTrack launch monitor which a few people have been discussing here already… works perfectly just slightly delayed - not a biggie though, has a projector and it’s also connected through his apple tv so we can watch PGA Tour Live as well


Very cool - what’s with the bills hanging on the wall out of curiosity?


Signed dollar bills by Tawny Ray - @ClubProGuy’s girl. A must-have for any connoisseur.


Every time I golf with a couple buddies we play for one dollar, no strokes, match play. Those are the scalps of those victims.


I’m interested in the Birdie Ball. Is this something that can be rolled up and stored when not in use? I don’t think my wife would love having a 10 foot putting green in the living room. We live in an apartment, so a basement isn’t an option.


Yep. Very easy to move around.


I have a skytrak and it’s great for the price. We hit it in our warehouse now just into a tarp hanging from the ceiling but are building a more serious bay currently in another barn that I plan on also moving my office into. I will chronicle the build for everyone to see. We are just working on some structural issues right now moving lights, and adding insulation. We are also building a 12x12 putting green in there that will be on skids and we can move it around from place to place. It will be very heavy but I have equipment to lift it and move it around with ease. The inside height of the bay will be 14’ and the width is 14’ also.


Yes! Please post photos. Sounds awesome.


What type of turf/carpet did your dad use? Do you know where he purchased? I’m attempting to make a platform putting green and can’t find a good solution for the carpeting. I want it to be fast.



If you are building your own frame, I have HEARD that this works really well:

I think the type of material that is on my putting green is from SYNLawn - most states have multiple dealers and they will sell to you. I would suggest going to a local dealer/installer and trying them out as they have a couple of different grades (and I can’t remember which type was used on mine). Here is the website:

Hope this helps!


Lay a BirdieBall mat over your platform. Would roll fast and way more true then grainy carpet/artificial turf.


@scuff Awesome feedback. Thanks! I’ll post a pic when I finish… If it turns out ok.


It’s not that complicated, find the flatest spot on a given green roll 3 balls 1 direction and then 3 balls back the other direction and take the average of all of them. The stimp meter is I think about 36" long and has a grove cut out at 1 end so that the ball can be lifted slowly and when it gets to a certain height the ball rolls out of the grove and down the meter onto the green, so it gives it a consistent release each time.


This is my old man’s backyard setup. Green Links Inc in Houston did the install

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WOW. That is the biggest one I have seen outside of a celebrity/Tour player. If my dad had that, I would be a 30-something-year-old man living with his parents. LOL.


Not a putting green, but I do have a good chipping set up in my back yard. From the edge of shore, the grass landing surface is 35 yards. I have extended it to about 50 yards by cutting a tee box in the lawn further away from the water.

The water is clear, so retrieving errant shots is easy, and it’s been a great way to tighten up short wedge shots and have chipping contests with buddies. Sorry for the crappy picture, everything is still covered in snow.