Show Us Your Golf Cave/Simulator/Putting Green!

Brag about your golf simulator, indoor/outdoor putting green, chipping area, etc. (Bonus internet karma for homemade projects! Hall of fame karma for instructions and build-progress photos.)

My dad built this for me (8’ x 8’) - I underestimated the severity of the slope and it’s impossible to hit downhill putts. Great to work on uphill putts though. He built right-to-left and left-to-right break and an automatic ball return thanks to gravity and collection channel (à la skee-ball) - you can kind of see it on the left.


Does it fold up for storage, or just hang out in the middle of the living room?


It actually comes apart in four pieces. It connects via hex key and bolts (can’t remember the type…my dad is an excellent craftsman…definitely not my forte.) It’s pretty heavy as it is made out of plywood, but it’s all good because this is in my basement.

Don’t have any flooring down in this picture but here is my setup in my garage. Still some finishing touches left to do, but now that the space is fully functional the details seem less important. Having this in my house has been a blast and I would recommend to anyone that has the space.


I really want something like that but I’m 6’2" and really need a minimum ceiling height of 9+ feet. Maybe in the next house. :frowning:

You mind sharing your specs? Projector, launch monitor, etc.?


I have the SkyTrak launch monitor and BENQ TH671ST projector. My screen is the Par2Pro SQ-BETA. I have been happy with all of it.

My space is approximately 12X12 which works fine. Ceiling height is about 9’6’’ which is more than enough for me at 5’11’’. I’ve got some friends that are taller and height hasn’t been an issue for anyone.

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How do you like the SkyTrak? I’ve been really contemplating getting one, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

Has anyone tried the Birdieball putting green? They seem cheap enough but I’m curious about the quality?

Yep. I’ve got an 18 X 4 in my basement.

What would you like to know?

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I am really happy with Skytrak overall. Sure, there are better launch monitor’s out there, but not at the Skytrak price point. I have a feeling there will be more consumer targeted launch monitors hitting the market in the next few years, but until that happens I would definitely recommend Skytrak.

Accuracy is really good and it’s easy to use. My only major complaint is that it does not currently provide is club head data. As far as minor complaints, biggest one for me is that there is a couple of seconds delay from impact to shot projection.

Does it roll true? How does it do on carpet? Also is the 4’ width enough? I was looking at the 4’x10’ for my place. I would use inside and out by the pool. Also did you get the edging all the way around?

I bought one for my office a few year back. Quality is just so so but good for the cost. If I wanted something long-term for my house I’d probably look at something a bit more premium. For hitting mats I highly recommend - they actually allow you to hit down and through the ball with irons and stand up very well to lots of abuse.

Does it roll true? - Absolutely. You can tell a difference in speed based on the grain. I have the CC model - 10 stimp one way 11 the other. You can absolutely tell when you are hitting on the faster side (apparently my knowledge of stimp is way off as the 11 is lightening fast. Way faster than my CC when they say we are near 11). Rolls just as true rolling either direction or even cross grain.

How does it do on carpet? - unsure. I have it on a cement floor and have not tried on carpet. My guess is the material will not be heavy enough to sit still on carpet and you will notice significantly while walking on it.

Also is the 4’ width enough? - For me it is perfect. I have the 1/2 inch thickness model and get to play all sort of fun putts because I just stand off the edge of the mat and use angles that way without having a funky stance.

Also did you get the edging all the way around? - got the horseshoe style. 3 feet on each side and the back. With the edging you will not be able to play shots when you are standing off the mat that well. Having the edging in the middle of the mat wont do anything for you.

It is super easy to move around - bringing it out by the pool will be no problem.

The material is VERY light. Think yoga mat and subtract half the weight. For me, this is great because I have it on a cement floor with “character” (100 year old house), so I get to move it around and play all sort of interesting breaks that are natural to the ground. It lays flat very quickly.

The material is damage prone. I have a dog that likes to play with golf balls and he is an absolute terror to my mat. His nails dig in and leave permanent marks. They are small and don’t really impact the roll, but with enough of them it’ll be dangerous. If you slammed the back of your putter on it, 50/50 chance it would rip. If you use it for its intent, these issues won’t occur.

The half inch thickness cups doesn’t catch all the balls you hit at it and has some unbelievably aggressive lip outs. You know when it goes in, however.

Lastly, it catches a lot of dirt/dust/other from the air. I use a broom and it comes right off no problem.

Best putting mat I have ever used.


All of this is great news for me as I am getting a 4’ x 14’ BirdieBall delivered tomorrow. Wanted to work on longer putts. LOL.


This is great…Thanks for the insight. I will absolutely order now.

I had a birdieball for awhile that I used on carpet. Ended up making footprints that were permanently indented into it. Bought a 2x10 big moss from eyeline golf that I like so much better.

I thought that was funny that you said that about your stimp knowledge was way off. I would imagine that is the case with 98% of golfers. Most of the time we think greens are way faster than they really are, and when normal players get on greens that are 11+ they realize how truly fast that is.

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Yeah absolutely. I heard somewhere recently that to do a stimp reading properly, you need to be properly trained on how to do it. Not as easy as rolling a ball down a stick. Imagine the entire system from superintendent to course leadership to the members is skewed. .

Hitting a 16 footer on birdieballs’ 11 is the same stroke for me hitting an aggressive 5 footer on the “10.5” greens at the CC.

With regards to Birdieball if you type “Upgrade” into the comment sections they’ll add an additional 2 feet. Did this when I ordered a 2’ x 8’ and the 10’ model showed up at my door. Great people.


My brother-in-laws new setup in his basement. Needless to say we’re never hanging out with the rest of our family again lol