Shotmakers Tv Show


You honestly think a bogey golfer could hit the center of a 90 yard circle 2 out of 3 times. Yikes…

There is no way a bogey golfer could do that.


Misspoke - the circle itself.


I’d love to see PGA players and see how well they do at Top Golf.


This may shock some people, but I thoroughly enjoyed Shotmakers. Was never a big Big Break guy, I just don’t watch a whole lot of tv outside of live golf, but I decided to give Shotmakers a run the other night while I was doing other stuff and it didn’t disappoint. It’s mindless reality tv that I would watch ten times out of ten over School of Golf or the seven millionth run of Bagger Vance. At least golf channel is trying a little bit. Would I rather they air classic golf every night of the week? Absolutely, but for a litany of reasons that isn’t in the cards. The overproduction, fake juice of the studio audience, faux seriousness of McCabe and Bacon, all of it was pitch perfect for what it is.


I’ve watched the whole first episode and I’m not going to lie…it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t on my edge of the couch or anything, but it’s not the absolute worst. I’ll probably watch the season.


Would it be too horrid an idea to rebroadcast PGA Tour Latinoamerica and other minis on Monday/Tuesday? I’d watch.


not a bad idea at all. I usually tape euro tour tourneys to fill in the days when golf isn’t televised.


My biggest problem with it was how slow it was. The concept was great and the golfers weren’t that bad (minus that shank). It just took 2 hours for them to hit half a bucket of balls. Even Jason Day thinks that is slow. JB Holmes played the 18th at Torrey twice. I was hoping for competitions like highest score in a minute or a game like H-O-R-S-E. I hope they incorporate something like this going forward. Some of the most exciting content I’ve seen recently have been the tour pros playing a golf hole in less than 30 seconds or what Finau and Paige Spiranac did with 18 birdies (catching 100 yd wedge shots).


I agree with most of the thoughts above. It was slow and honestly the shot making was pretty underwhelming. They kept reading off accomplishments of the competitors and they were missing 125yd targets at topgolf. I get they are on tv and that provides added pressure but I expected better. And then to see them chunk and shank shots, come on!


I won’t say it was good, but it didn’t hate it. It helped that I was watching on the DVR, and could fast forward to cut down the runtime. I could see it getting a bit better later in the season once they trim some of the fat since some of the contestants are Web/Symmetra Tour players. I’ll probably record the season, and watch a bunch of them back-to-back on a rainy weekend morning.


I would like them to mix in alcohol, weed, and barbiturates/pain killers. One team could represent each substance and we could see which truly makes you play better. The interviews would be much more interesting and we would pull in new fans. #GrowTheGame


Um, it is. Somehow the guys are horrible.


Respect. That’s pretty hardcore.


Big Break - has given us Blair O’Neal, Tony Finau, Wes Bryan, etc - it’s fun to actually see people from the show have success with their lives (or just see Blair O’Neal in general…)… Shot Makers is a bunch of Instagram golf girls and random dudes no one cares about hitting horrible shots like a golf newbie.

Give me Big Break any day of the week


O’Neal is so overhyped. Pass


Matt Every, Richie Werenski, Tommy Gainey and Gerina Pillar were a couple others.