Shotmakers Tv Show


Did anyone watch the Topgolf Shotmakers show last night on Golf Channel? I’d give it a D- at best. Golf Channel should bring back the Big Break instead.

Would love to hear everyone’s comments and thoughts.


I watched part of it last night, it’s fine…not the greatest…I did enjoy Big Break though it was tiresome near the end with the over the top personalities. Would like to see a show that takes 3-4, 8-15 indexers(playing a scramble) and place them in a comp against a pro. Depending on the pro I think it could be good entertainment. Would also like to see something that takes the “average golfer” and have them “recreate historic shots”…Logistically the latter would be hard to pull off but would be something to kill time with. I know it’s not going to happen again, but the prime time money grab golf events that I think ABC did years ago would be neat to see again.


The first 10 minutes was cool, then I realized I was watching amateurs play TopGolf and stopped watching


I have not watched the new show yet. I always like Big Break, but I wasn’t big on Tom Abbott trying to over dramatize everything. I know they tried different twists to make it interesting but would watch again.

They tried Altered Course, which I wasn’t a huge fan of but I think it is kind of cool seeing a few of the players from Big Break make it on the PGA or or LPGA tours.


I got extremely bored after a few minutes. I love what TopGolf is doing for our industry, but to center a show around it just felt very one dimensional.
I was also taken back by the poor quality shots. Some big slices, and just plain chunking them off the mat.


I don’t think I’ll give it much time.

Golf is a practice. It is a game played outside in the elements, preferably walking.

Top Golf (I have a hard time capitalizing it) is nothing like golf.
Your comment, “I love what TopGolf is doing for our industry” reminds me about what Geoff Cunningham shared with @djpie about the game being bastardized once money gets involved. Here’s a link to their podcast more concerned with a game than an industry. Good stuff I think you’ll enjoy.


A couple of us were discussing the Big Break a few days ago. I really miss that show - but the early iterations, not so much towards the end of its run. Bring back USA vs. Europe. Bring back Tommy Gainey. Need some two-gloves in my life.


i really miss the big break and it was one of their highest rated show that wasnt actual pga golf if i remember correctly, not sure why they dont bring it back. i like bacon but i have no interest in watching people at a driving range.


I want an Ultimate Fighter style show. Large pool of players, two former PGA or LPGA professionals as captains and pick teams. Those teams then compete in events, and ultimately elimination matches.


Amen. Can’t happen soon enough. Put me on a team with Dottie Pepper and Hal Sutton and I’ll run through walls for them.


All I was thinking watching it was… “What happened to Big Break? Is this supposed to be the spiritual successor to Big Break because it is not nearly as good?”

It was not good. Maybe a D+.

Now, more than ever since they stopped making it, I want Big Break back.


Would like to see a show that takes 3-4, 8-15 indexers(playing a scramble) and place them in a comp against a pro.

I saw something like that on TV once - Wayne Gretzky, Ivan Lendl and Larry Bird vs. Greg Norman.


I agree that Top Golf is not a good environment for a show like this, I don’t wanna see people hitting at a range. Take them out onto a course and put them in specifically tough circumstances and see how they hit the shot. Put them in a fairway with tree trouble that requires a 30 yard draw to get to the green. Put them on a tee that requires a cut to get to the ideal target, stuff like that.


This is the move…would truly define “Shotmakers”


Not sure what was more disappointing. This show or Reed winning the green jacket.


There was a shank last night on Shotmakers. Turned it off after that,


That was the first shot I saw when I turned it on…


Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf. Man I wish they would bring that back, play some rounds under the lights with the young guys of today, would be great with the personalities we have today.


Since TopGolf is obviously putting a lot of money into the show, TopGolf gets a show. But it should be what TopGolf mostly is, a bunch of terrible golfers drinking and desperately trying to hit targets. So the show can be what it is, but alcohol is not only allowed, it’s encouraged and worked into their score. I would be more likely to watch longer hoping for some comedic content.

Competitions for higher level players should stay on a golf course. I miss Big Break too, but thought the seasons were a bit long and would always start to lose interest near the end.


Turned to last night’s re-air out of morbid curiosity and Oh Great Merciful Jesus, was I not disappointed. This truly is a terrible, terrible show. Good Grief was it awful.

It looks like it’s being done in an actual television studio. I understand full well that the Fence is 200 yards away, but the whole hitting area looks like a skee-ball lane. Production values?

And I could tell in an instant that this isn’t a real Top Golf setup, or some of the shots I saw would deservedly have been laughed off the stage. Likewise, you hit it to somewhere on the 90-yard circle - good for you. Something a bogey golfer could do 2 out of 3. You do not need to pump it up.

I miss the hell out of Big Break.