Need a pair of short (preferably under 50$) that work for a round and also work to wear out leisurely, I prefer a couple inches above the knee. I like Columbia shorts but not for golf

Got a few pair of these. They make them in a lighter khaki but don’t have them online right now. Prob will for the summer though. Just a really versatile pair of shorts and they run some fantastic sales on them too.

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You can snag some Old Navy performance shorts for $10 today. I like the pants a lot and picked up some of these and like them, as well.,,flyout_men_OldNavyActive_Activewear_Bottoms&clink=15682852

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Old Navy is legit on their “active pants” or whatever. I have a few pair and love them. Great for golf and like $35. I don’t expect them to last 4-5 years at that price, but if I get seasons or more out of them, they are worth it.

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awesome find. I wonder if they do those deals in-store?

Not 100% sure, but I believe so. I’ve heard from some guys that they’ll find prices even lower in-store on the clearance racks.

I’m a JCrew stan and basically recommended a similar pair for the pants thread. They have a tech short that is tremendous. It’s 9" inseam so they sit just above the knee. They’re super comfortable.


The tech shorts are great! I have five pairs; two in the 9" and three in the 10.5". Great for the golf course or just weekends relaxing.

Not under $50, but I got a pair of Hurley swimsuit/shorts hybrids a few years ago and they’re the best things ever.

The JCrew Tech shorts are awesome. I have 4 pairs, 2 9" and 2 7". They’re stretchy and comfortable but still look clean cut. A great option if you’re shorter and don’t want to look like you’re wearing capris.

Related to the GOAT pants (Lululemon ABC), it looks like they have come out with ABC shorts, albeit with some limited colors. Anyone try these out yet?

These are not the goat pants, sir. Pretty sure Old Navy has won the Refuge.


I had a pair of their Commission shorts, which are mega comfy but also attracted dirt on the golf course like crazy. I’d get home and just have marks all over them.

If old navy’s performance shorts didn’t have the stupid heather pattern they would be all I own.

So I would not pay $69.50 for a pair of shorts, but these are currently 40% off and you get an extra 15% code if you haven’t bought anything off their website, or for whatever reason I was instantly spammed with a promo code. Two pairs comes out to $37.95 a pair ($75.90) (For anyone interested)…worth it?

Also is it weird that I wouldn’t even hesitate to buy a $30.00 golf hat - Curious what anyone thinks.

I “think” the shorts you might buy at JCrew are the same shorts you get at Gap and Old Navy.

J Crew - $$$
Gap - $$
Old Navy- $

Someone may know a bit more on this supply chain convergence.

The Old Navy performance shorts don’t have a belt loop right? Love the dry fit (ish) material but still want to be able to tuck a polo into it if you catch my drift

Banana Republic is the one that’s owned by GAP Inc along with Old Navy. J Crew is its own private company. But the clothes are all probably made in the same factory at the end of the day.


I’m with you I just wish the Old Navy shorts came in less than a 10" inseam… I’m 5’6…

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im partial to nike golf dri fit shorts, i dont think they are very pricey.

Yeah I prefer a 7” inseam ideally

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I loaded up on Nicklaus shorts from Target last year and never looked back. Reasonable price and they’ve held up nicely.

That said, I like the Old Navy pants (especially the stretchiness) and might have to try out a $10 pair (or two) just to see.