Short Iron and Wedge Problems

Some background information before I state my problem/question. I play anywhere from a 3-5 handicap. I have been fitted all the way through the bag at Club Champion within the last 2 years. I drive it well, I actually hit long irons good (although I rarely have to hit them) short game is good, and putting is good for someone who doesn’t ever get to practice it that much. I have always had one problem. Anything from 9 Iron to my sand wedge. I can not figure out how to be consistent with them. My favorite shot with those clubs is hole high but left. I must do that 90% of the time. I have recently had an idea and want to get feedback from anyone! If i could hit one club every shot it would be my 7 iron. The length and weight feel perfect. My question is has anyone ever or known anyone ever to make their 7 iron through sand wedge the same length?

To answer your same-length question: no

To provide an alternative strategy: why not just always try to leave yourself a 7i? Even if it is 7i / 7i…if it ends up better (and you feel more confident) than driver / wedge

Have you tried to figure out why you’re struggling to find consistency? I’m willing to bet that you’re going to have much more luck (& fun) getting (paid) lessons than going single-length

Also, if you feel comfortable, get video of your swing and post it here Fix My Swing - A Safe Place (Non-Roasting Thread)

Thanks for the reply! Yea I didn’t figure it was something anyone did. I do actually tend to lay back on some holes to not be too close, ( I know that sounds bad) but obviously some par 3s are short to where I can’t . I feel like I struggle because the clubs from 9i to 56 degree feel short and lighter than the others. I have the same shafts in my 4 iron through sand wedge. I have gotten one lesson in my life and it actually helped with this problem for a while. I just don’t have the time or money to do that often. I know it’s not normal but I would rather hit 7 iron into a green than PW.

Just aim further right. Problem solved.


Hey man, there is no shame in laying back to a favorite / good yardage. You may take some flak for it, but you do you. Since you may not have the disposable income / desire to dive in to lessons (but do consider it if you can)…seriously consider getting video, even if it is just a dry swing due to quarantine, and post it up to the Fix My Swing thread.

Haha. Good point.

Cool. Thanks for your help!

Bryson Dechambeau


Yea i thought he did every club? I would leave my 6 iron through driver how they are.

Not 7 down but my brother has 9-60 degree all 9 iron length. Shits wild man.

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  1. Get lie angles checked
  2. If they’re “correct” bend them flat

would not it make sense, that someone who can hit driver and long iron consistently well, has good touch around the green, but has trouble with shorter clubs, has a simple swain or setup flaw that could be easily fixed with a lesson or two.

I’m sure you’re right! I have college golf coach buddies and they say the same. The clubs just feel different the shorter and lighter they get so that’s why I wondered about making them the same length after 7 irons

Have you tried throwing on some lead tape?

Try bending them flatter I play my short irons slightly flatter (well relatively flatter off standard) than my long irons, as loft increases lie angle affects start line more and more.

No. What exactly would I do??

Ok I’ll see about the lies when all this is over. Thank you!

shorter clubs are often heavier, suggest you take out a scale and check this

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I’ve had a lot of success starting late last season with not taking a full swing with anything more than PW. Essentially taking a half swing (9-3 or L to L swing), not rotating my hips inward as much, and accelerating down and through the ball. It’s taken about 10 yards off per wedge, but I feel like I’m going to hit the shot I want every time. It’s allowed me to not get as flippy with my wedges and takes the big miss out of play.

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Add lead tape to the back of cavity. It could give you a heavier static weight.

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