Shootout at City Club - Dec 14. - @gatorz7888 contemplates life

Folk mentioned desire to do a winter course rental like in Cincinnati somewhere with playable weather.

City Club Marietta is BOOKED for Saturday December 14. ALL DAY SON.

$75 per person. Food and some drinks included until bar credit runs out.

There is a Hilton on site.

Course is similar to Avon (better IMO) Shorter executive type course. Has new greens. A lot of character.

Oh and it’s rapper themed. So chose your AVI we can always come back to the wrestlers later.

Morning matches are 2v2 4Ball ATL vs. The World

Saturday night festivities will be at the Battery. Likely at Punchbowl Social.


I could be down. Our firm has a big ATL office and we’re encouraged to travel a bit to meet other folks in our practice groups.

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Should be a decent contingent of atl folks as a base. I can prob guarantee 10-12 off the top of my head. About half are refugees. The rest need to be.

Thinking possibly all derby’s

High cap and low cap games.

Double eliminations.

Who knows.

I know absolutely zero things about games that aren’t wolf or straight match play, but sounds good.

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Is an awesome wolf hammer course. #gettable

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Only one acceptable theme for an Atlanta Duel.


Speakerboxx v. The Love Below


Hesus Christo yes.

Actually I’m broadening the scope slightly.

Shotgun TI


Me on the first tee

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I’m up for a scratch derby and some wolf hammer.

@holeout - I could pick you up on my way down for some Saturday golf.


Yeah I mean Saturday is probably the only reasonable option.

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I’m down

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We like that.

@therealDJ you here bro?

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Saturday is better for us working folks. I’m down


This is what I needed. Mid winter

Saturday though, please

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Oh it’s saturday for sure. Make it happen @Zocco I never got to play with you in cinci.

That Saturday is my birthday. But I’ve got zero chance of pulling this one off.


oh wow… hmmm… wow

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How can you say that without even seeing the logo event merch yet?


Kyle, very interested. Can’t confirm now, but put me on a maybe list. There are a handful of us Cincy people that could road trip down.