Share Your Greatest Golf Moments of 2019

Seem to be a few tiffs going on in the Refuge in a few threads so I figured what a better time for us all take a moment look back on our year of golf and share some of the highlights.

For me there’s two:

  • Playing Sweetens for the first time on my birthday and lipping out on 9 for an Ace after watching my ball catch the slope and slowly track to the bottom left flag. Yeah, an Ace would be better but the excitement of watching the ball for what felt like 2 minutes was exhilarating.
  • Playing my first ever full round with one ball. I may have had to scoop it out of the shallow water on bank of a pond and search for it in the trees on 17 for 5+ minutes, but dammit I made it!

Edit: It’s great to see all the awesome stories and memories of playing bucket list courses, people playing their best golf, and playing with friends and family. Also, cool to see how many people have posted in here as their first post!


The Duel to the Death (at Dawn) presented as The Strong Like Stella Cincinnati Open at Avon Fields



• playing my best nine ever with my folks (39/+3 on a fairly short and straightforward muni). It was fun to feel like I knew how to find the club face on every shot and it was pretty special to see my dad’s excitement and appreciation over how well I was playing. Also it means a lot that I can still share golf with my folks
• watching Tiger win the Masters.
• getting involved in this lot. It’s exciting to have golf trips to look forward to next year and I’m looking forward to exploring new places and checking out new courses. I play most of my full rounds as a single (Which isn’t always bad but can be a bit awkward) and I’m really looking forward to having a community to play with.


In a local tournament I was tied with this guy who I knew to be the main competition going into the last hole. He hits an okay approach, about 25 feet from the pin from about 135. I’ve got 120, pin tucked over a bunker. I take dead aim and stuff a wedge to three feet. :trophy:


I called Nick Faldo an anti-vaxxer on Twitter.


I play most of my full rounds as a single as well (just started playing a few years ago so never really had golf buddies). I’ve played with one person from the Refuge who was visiting town and it was a delight!


Had a bunch of cool golf moments this year, but one specific shot that will stick with me came yesterday. Played a public course in my hometown with my best friend, my dad, and his dad. No stakes, nothing on the line, just squeezing in another round before snow. My dad is a recently converted golf sicko, even though he’s only barely competent he just can’t get enough. Goes to the range 3x/week, always badgers me to play, it’s awesome.

Had a good round going, obviously the wheels got wobbly towards the end, wanted to show myself (and him) that I could finish it off well. Had about 170 into the par 5 18th after a drive into a shit lie and an awkward chunk out. Ball above my feet, weird brushy hillside blocking the green, into the wind. Hit this fucking immaculate low-burning draw 6-iron around the hill, and did the full Sergio run-up-hop-skip to see where it went, and saw it trundle up onto the green and stop about 20 feet away. Huge fist bump/back slap from dad. Two putt par to finish. Small moments like that are the reason we all do it


Playing in a scramble with my dad at a conference for his work this summer. Slapped it around all day but got to our 15th hole, the No. 18 hole on the course, a Par 5. Had about 245 to the hole, water in front of the green, pin front left about 5 paces on to the green and 10 paces past the water. Hit the best hybrid I’ve ever hit in my life, carried 240 with about a two-yard fade and stopped two feet short of the pin for eagle. Will be replaying that swing for the rest of my life.


Favorite golf moment for me would be playing BCN with @TomCoyne this summer.


Nothing too crazy for me. Had kind of a down year, playing wise.

  • made an ace

  • won one round in the club tournament (my first time playing real match play)

  • played in a fun tournament that allowed 1 mulligan. Had a 25 foot chip on a par 5 that I bladed. Wasn’t playing super well, so I took the mully to try and get a bird and made the eagle chip.



Love this thread. Listing it out I had a damn good year, looking forward to next year!

  • Attending the Barn Burner & playing with/meeting awesome refugees
  • Playing 18 with Tom Coyne at Waveland in Des Moines
  • Broke 80 for the first time (74 +2) with an even par back nine
  • Validated my first sub 80 round by following it up with a 77
  • Dipped into single digits for first time ever (didnt last long)
  • Attended first PGA event (WMPO)
  • Played golf in Iowa, Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Illinois and Michigan

Okay, okay, I probably deserved that. But I wasn’t trying to be a goon about the ace. I was definitely hyped. And still am.


My only goal for the year was to break 90 and I managed to do it once at my home course with an 80 that easily could’ve been a 76. Didn’t break 90 again, but that felt damn good.


My highlight this year was winning our club’s Horse race.

I got sidetracked the day of doing yard work. Noticed the time, took a shower and ran to the first tee. Tee’d off dead cold in front of 50 people. Snap one way left towards the ob, hits a tree and stays in bounds. Next shot i had to work around a tree with a 4 iron. I hit that tree too and it comes screaming sideways toward the gallery. Knock the next on the green and 2 putt for a bogey and go into a chip off for two spots with 8 people. I barely got the last spot in with my chip by 4 inches. I then made a par on the next 9 holes including a playoff hole to win. Golf is a funny game.

If only i would’ve put some $ on myself. A former playing partner was the only one who put $ on me and he took the whole pot. He better buy me drinks next time.




Would have to be my Charlotte/Pinehurst trip back in April.

Playing the Cradle, specifically, where I beat my (far better golfer) buddy straight up by a stroke. It was pretty much all downhill for my game after that this season!


Fired off my lowest 18 hole score this year (86) feeling as though it could have easily been 82 save for a couple errant tee shots. Didn’t sniff another round that low the rest of the year, but that’s the type of day that keeps me coming back. I know I’ve got the potential in there to be a decent player…just gotta put it all together.


Finishing 3rd in the 5th Major at Harbour Town

Visiting the magnificent Ohoopee Match Club

Playing Rustic Canyon with Tommy Naccarato and John Kavanaugh


Highlight of the year for me might have been something that didn’t even happen to me but I got to witness. I was playing Gold Mountain Golf Course outside of Seattle as a solo in the rain and had a group of 3 in front of me. Got to the par 3 12th which is probably the most picturesque hole on the course and things were a little backed up. I watched as the father of the 2 boys in the group stepped up and dunked one from 190+ for an ace in front of his 2 kids. I don’t have kids and my father didn’t golf but seeing all of the excitement they got to share together was an awesome moment and something I won’t forget. One of those things that makes golf so awesome.