Shaft Length

Gentlemen (and ladies) I want to canvas for some opinions.

For years I’ve played drivers without having had a proper fitting session. Once the world goes back to normal I’m rectifying this ignominy but first I need to know some expert opinions on driver shafts. Are the manufacturers making them too long to trick us into more distance? Would a shorter shaft kill my big right miss?

Does anybody in the refuge play a driver shorter than 45 inches and, if so, would you recommend it?

Thanks in advance.


They are definitely using long drives to trick distance tests. I play 44.5. Wouldn’t mid going back to 44. Playing shorter than stock is very common.

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I hear @xthrubyx has a long shaft



Very anecdotal evidence, but tried a shorted shaft for the first time on the weekend. Brought back my big left miss in a big way (lefty) there is a huge chance this had nothing to do with the shaft and more to do with it being my first round since November with no warm up

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I play all my wedges/irons +2" over “standard” but I play my woods at “standard” length. I think that says a lot.

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Same here.

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My irons/wedges are all +1 inch. In a fitting a hit the longer shaft straighter. I forget the reason why but who cares. Hybrids and woods are all standard, driver is 44.5.

When do we talk about shaft girth?



I play my driver at 44. Few reasons, but biggest is my dispersion is much better and I haven’t lost any yardage. All my other clubs are standard length.

*tip diameter

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That is fantastic!

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I got fully fitted. My irons are +1.5” but my driver is -.5”. Apparently, I didn’t need shaft length to get necessary speed (club head and ball) and the shorter length helped massively with dispersion.

Yeah my irons are a half inch longer than standard but I’ve always felt like my driver was too long. Tried playing with my Dads Big Bertha from the early 90’s, it’s about the length of my 3 wood and I’m hitting it straighter than my current driver … nowhere near as long it must be said.

Turns out middle of the club face is more important than club head speed.

Focus on tempo.

“It’s not the length it’s the way you use it”

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